Is Blizzard Shutting down in 2022 (Rumor)

Soooooooooooo glad I never learned that kind of greeting/response. Of course I’m a different kind of weird. I say things like “good meowning” and “good evemeowning”. Lots of double takes on those, but usually smiles, especially since they aren’t expecting a middle aged *guy* to say something like that. One can be catty without ever having made a catcall. :slight_smile:

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I caught myself saying “thank you hun” to the FedEx delivery driver (female) the other day in exactly the same tone as my mom uses! Worse, I was on the phone with my sister at the time who called me on it with a mixture of laughter and “you sound like MOM!!!” shame.

Funny how we pick things up from those around us.

I still sound somewhat Canadian at times from spending too much time in Ottawa.

Does your “sorry” sound like Amanda Tapping’s or David Hewlett’s? :slight_smile:

He’s about as spiritual as Jim Jones… :man_facepalming:t2:

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I don’t know who those are.

Col. Samantha Carter and Dr. Rodney McKay in the Stargate franchise.

Good gawd, this is a shocking thought.
Yeah so maybe back to my Martin acoustic 12 hours a day.

We have a winner! Activision can use “the situation” as an excuse to lay off anyone they don’t need and reward anyone they want. Top brass at Blizzard may receive massive severance packages due to “early termination” while Blizzard is being dissolved and then receive again massive signing bonuses for offering their talents to the newly formed company. You come to the same office a day later, a million dollars richer!

All this, of course, while talking left and right about social responsibilities and making the world a better place.

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Can we get back to the original topic now?


Okay, I’ll go back to topic. If you excuse me…

Now that we can get back to the topic…

Here’s Rhykker’s take on the subject:

It’s a rather lengthy video but worth to watch. The main point is that the whole leak is pure fanfiction.

Even if Blizzard isn’t dissolved after all these cases that impacted their productivity, I can foresee Activision stepping in eventually. Do I think Blizzard will change its name because leak said so? No. But considering there’s only 2 leaders in Blizzard, that’s a perfect opportunity for Activision take control to increase influence at all matters.
Name changing and rebranding could be used as a power move later on, but I doubt it will go under Activision but can rebrand later down the road. However, down going Monthly Active Users when everyone shut indoors and allegedly destroying evidence, don’t exactly spell out a good looking scene.

Just because a leak happened, doesn’t mean Blizzard will dissolve under Activision but anyone can tell you that Activision will increase their influence over the company now that CEO and President are gone. However, if Blizzconline 2022 is canceled like stated in that leak, I may give it more credit.

Unless this lawsuit somehow causes Blizzard to lose more than 50% of its profits I don’t think they’re dissolving.

A lot of companies go through a lot of turmoil, scandals, being sued, etc… they still manage to stay a float and continue to operate.

I highly doubt they’re “shutting down” but I do think they will be aggressively restructuring

Correct if they cancel this it will not be good news.

Hope they suffer serious losses or legal issues after trying to cash grab D2R in such an unplayable state, especially on console. 40$ for 5-10% of the game compared to PC. I hope Diablo 4 is good but lately… Screw blizzard. PoE was always a better not diverse game and PoE 2 is right around the corner too. The Blizzard name no longer guarantees quality.

My cousin’s, sister’s friend , husband , who heard from a Blizzard employee says it’s true.

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lol i would. half of this is just totally absurd. moves that companies with multimillion dollar IPs would simply not make.

Don’t care. D2R is the last Blizzard product I plan to buy - neither DI nor D4 even remotely interest me. I play D2 offline and SP anyway, so really don’t care.

VV is going to be helpping with Diablo 4 along with still supporting D2R. On the blizzard official diablo page. They announced that VV has merged with blizzard who now owns them along with this info on D4