Invoker - I'm out of touch


Hi Guys,

I need some help understanding the changes to Invoker Thorns since I last played it a few years ago.

Top builds now swap Heart of Iron for Nemesis Bracers and Hack for Furnace. What’s changed to make them BIS?


So I see that nems is relevant because thorns is an elite hunter - but surely its not worth giving up the damage boost? What does 300% of your vitality usually equate to in real terms?


Since hack is doing 100% of your thorns, that is being compared to your 6 piece bonus which does 15000%, so in the end, your damage will essentially be 15100%.

Nemesis is mostly because you hunt elites (due to the set strength), so it adds more elites to the rift.


Ah, I see, so Hack not multiplicative with the set bonus. Got it. Thanks!


I think thats only good for some lon/lod build…


around 10% damage boost, not that much


With right build and settings, you get around 200~250k thorns (buffed) on regular basis
You have 8357 vitality, 300% of that is ~25k

Sounds about right…