Invoker how to keep focus on elite


Hi, how do you usually keep focus on elites? Sometimes when i lose focus out of elite surrounded by gazilion trash, i cant regain focus on elite easily and it happens that i need 10 seconds to find focus again on, thats too much. Losing focus is currently my main problem in reaching higher gr. thanks.


Make sure you have force stand still bound and use it. If you didn’t know you can actually attack at range with Punish using force stand still and surrounded by mobs to keep your stacks up. You don’t need to be next to the elite if there is trash around.


Usually i move my mouse around (over the pack of mobs) holding shift and mouse 1 (attacking trash), when the cursor shows the elite i release the shift, this way you “stick” attacking it, as long as you are holding the mouse 1…
The same as holding down the click on a mob, even if you move your mouse away it will still attack the mob if you dont release the attack button