Invoker ethereal feedback

Hi everyone.

I’m currently rank 1 invoker on PTR with an ethereal. I don’t see a way to improve it anymore apart from micro optimizations or getting a god conduit map for pushing higher.

The build is SEVERELY lacking the damage from Norvalds. Going endless walk has little to no effect vs Convention.

I’ve tried different variants and it seems that with around 2k paragon, 120 will be the peak of invokers without the steed set.

I sincerely hope we can get some sort of buff that’ll affect invoker without further buffing Akkhan bombardment, otherwise the alternative is that the ethereal will just be a stepping stone and not an endgame invoker item.

Sounds like a challenge to me.

I like a lot of what ethereals did but there are holes and thorns for Crusaders is one of them. The class has several high end thorns builds that don’t care about crit and the Crusader items, like most of the ethereals, have crit stats to boost their damage.

If you swap Norvald’s for Khalim’s Will, which I assume was their intention behind adding the pony cooldown to it, that’s a 400% multiplier for a 100% multiplier.

Not worth swapping it to the flail, the scepter is better cause of the increased attack speed.

Sorry, I’m practically mocking the item here. With Crusaders building a bunch of CDR for Akarat’s uptime it’s a pretty useless affix on these weapons. By the time it triggers pony is pretty much off of cooldown.

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is super easy to fix that set:

(4) Set:
You take 50% less damage for 20 seconds after damaging an enemy with ̶B̶o̶m̶b̶a̶r̶d̶m̶e̶n̶t̶.̶ Consecration
(6) Set:
The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 100% and deal 67,500% of your Thorns damage to the enemies hit by both (punish and slas) and consecration

  1. needs to remove the bombarment mechanic, it has non sense, consecration would be better
  2. increase the number of enemies affected by the thorns damage by slahs or punish, the requirement is that enemies should be affected by consecration, this will keep the build in to the melee range and adding a easy mechanic in order to deal full damahe
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I’m not asking to fix the set. I’m just asking for a change to an ethereal item so that it can be used for invokers.

Should’ve added a torns multiplier stat on one of the eths in the first place. Or more like a dmg reflection like in D2. Damage you receve is delt back to the attaker by xy%, or something.

Thorns, or at least non-crit builds, are a big enough part of the Crudaders identity that they should have received more attention. Personally, I dont think the class came out all that good on ethereals. Probably the 3 most useless affixes in pickup radius, level requirement, and pony.

Thorns wasn’t that effective in D2, either. It is a cool concept but it is hard to balance.

I know. I didn’t mean to add it instead of D3 thorns, but more like in top of it as a gag. And they could’ve added Hacks LP in to the posible rolls on the eths.


As a Crusader main focused player, Thorns and Ethereals are no match… the three options do nothing for Thorn based builds and the 2 set piece fron Invoker is clank as hell.

As a feedback would be nice to have an option in Ethereals that boost Thorns or at least make it sinergise with other Elemental damages as multipliers.