Invisible Inventory/Tabs

Just starting this season, I constantly have an issue where my stash inventory/character’s equipped items are invisible. Sometimes the game loads like this, sometimes it loads up normal and happens after a while. There are times when I have my inventory open for 20 seconds they will slowly start to load, but if I close the window after loading and open it again I have to wait the 20-ish seconds again for them to load. Sometimes they just don’t come up at all. I can still hover over items and get the info box, but the info box doesn’t have pictures either, for either the item or gems. The tabs are also missing but still clickable for both stash and npc store tabs/crafting. I have closed and restarted both the game and my computer.

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6

There is a long thread in Mac Technical Support forum. Some players suggested some workarounds. Hope they are useful to you.