Inventory should be larger. Gems/Runes need to stack

I never stopped playing D2 and currently play PD2. I am fine with all the QoL changes so far and there’s definitely a point where you don’t want to change too much, but stackable gems/runes and a larger inventory is not that point.

Feedback I would like to give is that the small inventory and un-stackable gems/runes just didn’t age well. It was frustrating in 2000 and its going to be even worse now. There is a reason the popular mods that are still alive like PD2 made this QoL change.

Stacking items: It’s going to be less obvious in beta because no one is around storing perfect gems or a bunch of runes in act 2 normal, but this is going to be really annoying on launch. There’s no reason you should have to use tons of stash space to stack duplicate items. There’s a line between inventory management and just frustration for the sake of not changing things.

Inventory: It might seem OK now, but wait until you starting finding good charms you want to use and only have a cube to store drops in. It’s going to turn away newer players, and its certainly going to irritate people coming from popular mods.

That’s all I got. Thank for reading.


No thanks, I enjoy the convenience of stacking, but I prefer the challenge of efficient space management. Just another change to make the game “easier”.


The size of stash should not be limited…honestly it’s just a matter of how many other char you will create to store the items. Back in the days most of us had secondary accounts (I bought D2 LOD 3 or 4 times…) with a lot of chars to carry the good stuff.

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with their cube uses stacking would make little sense.

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So what is your plan then? D2R already has a 10x10 chest. The original had a 6x8 stash. D2R has 3 shared stash tabs that are also 10x10. D2R has optional auto-gold pickup. It sounds like D2R is already easier.

Playing with a controller some inventory QoL like stacking gems/runes would be so helpful.

The autosort is great for quickly making room but it puts stuff in a seemingly random order, making it hard to use and not something I will be willing to use in endgame

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I’m buying what was advertised, because I agree with it. I’m not for additional changes outside what was advertised.

My plan was already implemented in the beta. Thanks for asking. =)

They also advertised the additional changes were possible. If there are additional changes that make the game even “easier” in your mind, what would the plan be then?

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I would hope that what they decide to change doesn’t directly contradict the spirit of what they advertised. If they make the game too easy, my plan will be to find another game to play. Thanks for asking. =)

2 things:

  1. They advertised repeatedly that the game was subject to change if the players want it including balance changes
  2. TCP/IP cough… cough…
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That’s cool. Have fun with that. If you’re imagining they’re going to start heavily adjusting skills and implementing mod niche mechanics and personal loot, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

How does having to run lines of the same gem or rune down your stash alter the game difficulty? How does having to use dozens of spaces for perfect topaz’s make the game “harder”. I wouldn’t even call it artificial difficulty, its just tedious. They have already changed other QoL aspects , auto gold pickup is probably even a more disruptive change than this. There is already going to be a lot of inventory management even if they let gems and runes stack.

While everyone is entitled to there option, and I am not saying you are wrong for not wanting a change, I can’t wrap my mind around how this makes the game “easier”.

P.S. At Blizzcon and in the alpha, they only said one shared stash, now it is 3 in the beta. They already made the game easier since alpha. Extra stash space is a mod mechanic.

I like the game as it is now. Good luck on your radical loot mechanic changes.

Nope it’s fine. Inventory Tetris is a big part of any ARPG. Get used to it. Thanks for reading. They already gave us a massive stash size boost.

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Thank you, well said!

It’s my thought the devs still intend on people making alts to hold stuff on as to ‘‘why only 3 shared tabs’’ however it was made easier from the original of having to throw everything on the ground to put it on a different character.

If you would have looked at posts or sites that explain what the devs were going for a ‘‘remaster’’ not a ‘‘remake’’ they didn’t want to over power the game with allowing people to carry more charms than initially intended 20 years ago at this point. As per the wording they’ve used they want ‘‘stash choices to matter’’ as in do I carry this charm or THAT one?

Charm inventory doesnt work without rebalancing the game difficulty.

Trust me brother I’d absoloutly love the charm inventory, but without rebalancing difficulty, it would just add tons of damage, resis and hp, at the expense of nothing.

youre actively giving every build, even the most OP ones, the ability to hold HOW MANY +1 +45hp? PLUS how many 5/20 sc’s?

I love the charm inventory, I really do. However it belongs in mods, not base diablo 2 resurrected.

Agree to disagree perhaps.

Yes for QOL we need gems, potions to stack and also the scroll book must be able to contain more then 20 scrolls please. Inventory is too small to have them non-stackable.