Interesting Hardcore play

Evening folks,

Tonight we found an interesting combination that gave 14.1 billion toughness at GR 99. We were testing it and of course we had to do 99 hardcore because anything less for us would be normal mode and that is weak.

As my teammate watched his numbers by the inventory we tried the 99 when an interesting thing occured… his numbers halved and then he was down to 300k toughness then back up to 5 Bil then down to 300k then up to 4 bil then down to 300k then up to 2.6 Bil… then the funny thing happened my 2.6 bil toughness dropped to 1.4 bil and stayed there. My build was different from his so the only thing we had in common was halo of Karini. They fully nerfed his build live time while we were in a 99 Grift and then nerfed mine as well. If you lose a wizard today you can thank the developers. We are off to a new game because that was BS>

So, how do you get “strong?” You can’t just jump straight to GR99.

Your question answers itself and has nothing to do with the original post. To state we have worked on this build for a good long while is an understatement. Just that change took 8 hours of testing. And… if the developers had said we had found a game breaker and asked us to test it then it would have been a different story. Instead on Hardcore permadeath all our hard work was put at risk so they could test and implement… without even a thank you.

Nope, try again.

" Update on February 8:The PTR 2.7.5 has concluded. Thank you for playing!" (font changed for emphasis.)

This is the very first line.

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Heh, that says nothing about nerfing wizard powers. I checked the update info. Also Ashnaggars is no longer providing the shield bonus for wizard shield which is supposed to put us with over a million shield not 600k So yeah they stealth nerfed the wizzie and hoped you would die. Normally those kind of nerfs are done after a server reset. Not while you are playing. Shows you how much the Blizzard team cares about their players doesn’t it.