Inna's Mantra bug

Problem with Inna’s Mantra 6 piece set bonus of having all 5 mystic allies at once. Only one is present instead of 5.

That’s not a bug. It reads very similarly but it is only using the rune you pick now. You get the benefits from the other runes, just not the mystics themselves.

O.K. I’m officially confused. Dows this mean that the visual effect of having all 5 allies on screen at the same time is going to change?

You gain the passives effects of all Mystic Ally runes. But the only ally you actually have at all times is the one based on the rune selected. Crudest Boots double the active ally amount to 2. Your attacks then spawn additional allies of the same type, up to maximum of 10 and lasting 15 seconds.

I really don’t understand what is still unclear. Read the descriptions of the set bonuses carefully and think what they mean.


I did read it and that’s why I was confused. I have always had all of the allies on screen at once with the 6 piece set, but now that’s gone. Gaining the passive effect of all runes is not the same. It just feels like the best part of the set has been taken away.

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@Rainmaker, totally agree. Killing off this feature has ruined my character and game-play. I had 10 mystic allies, and that made it playable, but now, only 2 mystic allies are present. Which is a pity as the game has lost its appeal now, just not the same…

Clearly you read the original post and nothing else while also coming to the same conclusion.