Inna's 6pc Breaks 'Mystic Ally' Rune Swapping

There is a bug that sometimes/often prevents the proper switching of the player’s “Mystic Ally” rune while the Inna’s 6pc bonus is active.

Expected: When you switch Runes for the Mystic Ally skill, your current Ally(ies) are dismissed and the new Rune’s variant is summoned.

Observed: When the Inna’s 6pc is active, upon switching Runes, the “newly summoned” Mystic Allies appear to be the Un-runed variation. This is not only cosmetic, but using the Mystic Ally active ability will no longer produce the expected result (eg: Earth Allies turning into boulders).


  1. Equip Inna’s 6pc bonus
  2. Equip any Mystic Ally Rune (Fire/Earth/Air are the easiest to visually identify)
  3. Swap Mystic Ally Runes until the summoned Allies appear to be the unruned variant (typically 1 to 4 times)
  4. Observe that using the active Mystic Ally ability no longer reflects the equipped Rune’s, and that future Rune swaps seem to have no effect (perpetually summoning the unruned variant)
  5. Unequip Inna’s 6pc to dismiss/resummon the bugged out Mystic Ally with the proper rune.

I had attempted to further see if there were definitive commonalities between which runes were being swapped, or how many times the rune was swapped, before this behavior would break…but there appears to be some element of timing or randomness involved. Continuing to switch runes will occassionally summon the newly runed type as would be expected (which may then break again upon the next swap).

This behavior appears to be specific to the Inna’s 6pc bonus, and I cannot reproduce it when the Inna’s 6pc is not active. Especially since unequipping Inna’s 6pc seems to dismiss and resummon the active Ally, I highly suspect this to be explained by a bug in the implementation of the “Gain the passive abilities of all five runed Mystic Allies at all times” functionality of the 6pc.