Inna mystic ally rework bug

shoulders and chest armor doesn’t increase mystic ally damage
area damage not working with fire allys
mystic ally explosion radios have very close range i think 20-25 yards will be good
and sometimes explosions deals 0 dmg

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Not really,at least for the two guys who always existed,area damage already has worked with fire allys explosion.

Would you mind to show me a link or a discussion, for me testing the PTR, it seems the explosion not working with area damage but I am not 100% sure
I did test myself and got a screenshots.
Here i got 50% area damage,small floating range damage weapon,and 100% critical hit chance(shi mizu’s haori).Now the explosion give everone about 32.8k direct damage,you can find 65k(4 target area damage)49k(3 target area damage).
Direct damage numbers(always critical hit) would be yellow,white numbers here always come from area damage

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I’ve tried the set out and I’m only getting the glypheid pet.