Inna Monk - Sometimes zero dmg

Hi everyone,

i play zDH and my friend Inna Monk. We failed to accomplish GR 147 many times yesterday, and that is because the fire allies don’t do any dmg sometimes.
My friend activates all the dmg buffs (Shenlong, CoE, Cyclone Strike, etc.) and he follows the right skill rotation before he ignites his allies. He also casts Cyclone Strike right after the allies are ignited, and yet sometimes the enemies don’t take any dmg.
We also make sure that we don’t pull too many mobs and we always skip Illusionists, Wallers and Juggernauts.
Is there still something, that we missed?

did ur friend check his dreg of lies stack ? or how many skill in cooldown to proc enough buff from sliver of terror ?

I do believe some people have reported the allies as being incapable of inflicting area damage, and that they sometimes “fluff” out and don’t function properly. Maybe you just hit a string of time where the allies were not registered correctly in game, like they reset to base rune.

I don’t think he checks the dreg of lies stack, but does this stack make such a big difference? As far as I know, this stack provides only a dmg buff of max. 50%. Even without the stack the enemy should still take a lot of dmg, no?
Regarding the skills, he has Dashing Strike, Serenity and Inner Sanctuary

I have also read some threads about the allies being bugged or so, but how can this happen so often? I mean I can’t imagine, that we hit that moment, where the allies don’t work properly, 30% of the entire rift time…

I play solo (and not especially skilled) and I can see it happen from time to time. The dregs of lies stack is a great buff but in my experince it’s hard to time. If you happen to see it rising quickly, you can hold off the Ally explosion a bit and if it happens to go down, you can activate the Allies as soon as possible in the cycle (and I’m not even talking about the Flying Dragon procs).
What I’ve noticed is that sometimes you don’t see any dregs stacks at all which indicates that your allies seem to be passive and then you probably won’t get a good explosion. In tight and cramped spaces the problem is bigger (which is mentioned in all guides).
Another thing is that there can be some kind of lag in the game that can make activating the skills difficult. There can also be a lag, or lack of response, from your keyboard inputs. You’ll often see youtube videos where the player activates the keys a number of times in order to make sure that the skills are activated properly.


They can get stuck if your pull is too dense. Skeletal summoners seem to be particularly bad for this.

A good check is to see if you’re gaining Lies stacks or not. There’s a 1 second cooldown after Lies stacks fall to 0 before it can stack again, I’m not talking about that phase, but look to see if you aren’t gaining Lies stacks when you should be, e.g. if it’s stuck at 20 then climbs to 22 then gets stuck again. If you see you’re only gaining a couple of Lies stacks every few seconds, it’s a good sign your allies are packed in somewhere and can’t really attack.

They can also get CC’d, so that’s another reason they may not do damage. If they are Frozen or get knocked way back, they may not pop properly.


unfortunately i cant open ur profile too see u and ur friend set :3 , but the skill i am talking about is to proc sliver of terror gem effect which is : for every skill in cooldown u gain 12,5 incrs dmg and toughness, so usually when the rotation in ice i make sure i put iner sanctuary - serenity and dashing strike to used so those 3 skill in cooldown condition bfr i explode my ally in fire rotation ( oh yea sory for srenity u need to do it on physcal since the skill will not start it cooldown bfre the effect is vanished)

How to Nuke 150's Master the Inna Ally Monk Rotation Diablo 3 Season 25 - YouTube hopefully this video can help :smiley:

I’ve had that happen to me too. I do occasionally mess up and even in those cases I see dmg being done (suboptimal as it may be), but there are also situations when I get at least the CoE, Shenlongs and cooldowns lined up, and the allies still fizzle out rather than go boom without being obviously cc’d. It could be Flying Dragon RNG and the fact that I don’t pay enough attention to Dreg’s stacks, but that sounds somewhat unlikely. Dunno, maybe I just need to git gud…