Inna Monk 109 gr shows how this build needs some love

It starts of a little rough but catch’s up with nice pylon placement and good luck.

This build is not going to be a favorite.


900p, no augments, room for better rolls…

109gr, seems pretty right on the mark. Most meta sets comfortably do 105-115 with those number pending player skill and Rift quality.

Agree its clunky AF. I’ll be playing TR with ethereals atm.

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All Ancients or Primals

Rolls are pretty right on.

Could use better CDR as Mystic Ally pops every 15 seconds.

This build as is… is not what anyone would have in a new season.

With this many Ancients/Primals the hero would have at least 100 level augments and the game would be different.

Alot of imperfect rolls actually in your vid. And I would be using sorceress not scoundrel for the additional CDR =ing more damage.

Alot of room for improvement I your setup overall. And 109 is still a good spot for the plvl gear.

PS, ty for the testing.

Agree mate, water innas is so enjoyable to watch while playing, but the toughness with squirts is boom or die. I also cleared 109 with around the same level of gears and gons, except I was a lot more aggressive in maintaining fights throughout, and the start is the worst naturally, before all 10 allies are out. I would definitely expect 109 solo speeds with this level of gears to be much more fluid and relaxing, just like how the waves are :sunglasses:

Where is this coming from, have you checked meta wiz? It is comfortable doing GR 130 with low lvl gem, no augment and not perfect item attributes.

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I switched to Fire Skill on bracers and Mystic Ally.

I also switched to enchantress and what a staying difference in the mob fights.

Cleared a 110 in 13 minutes.

Clearly Inna Monk requires a buff to bring it into the happy space.

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It needs a x8 dmg buff and 80% total DR just like the other meta builds currently or in the past.

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Just did a 112 and this is really pushing it for me atm.

This is not absolute proof of my 112 but please believe me this is SS from my current PTR profile.

I’ve tried 113 and can stay in fight but don’t kill as fast.

I’m at the “augments needed” place in build. (No way in PTR to aug my hero tho!)

Mystic Ally damage is 30%
CDR is 58.2 %
Fire Damage is 20%
Attack Speed is 25%
Crit Chance is 51%
Crit Damage is 585 %

Armour is 20k
dodge chance 35 %
All Rez is between 1062 - 1678
Max Life is 1.229k
Spirit Regen is 20

Health Globe Healing is 53k.

At p900 no less…

Yes firebird is broken and needs bit of a nerf, even if that statement were true, that’s a terrible comparison.

There are so many builds that can do 120-130 right now, where as it might be difficult such as wizard, while being paragon 800 with no augments and little to no ancients. The build featured here wasn’t perfect by any means, but it certainly was enough to where basically any meta build would do that 109 in like 5 mins.

If I gave you my account there is no doubt in my mind you would be able to do a gr109 in 5 minutes.

There is not much room to buff this build with the gear/stats/gems I have.

I could put Aughilds set on and would loose unity passive/as you put rorg in cube instead.

Almost all the SC solo Monk PTR 109 clears under 5 minutes are the LoN/LoD Wave of Light build.

Why not show us a build like mine with a SC 109 clear in 5 minutes?

Not sure why you thought I was antagonizing you.

You aren’t taking into consideration that this is PTR and Ethereals are at play as well. Ethereals are not only high damage weapons with extra affixes, provide at least 100% extra damage (just as a stat on the weapon), but they also are acting like an extra weapon cube slot.

If this was on live without the Ethereals, then Inna’s would begin to struggle at around GR 100 with that current set-up. Nearly every build in the game, (At least those that can use an Ethereal) is being boosted up 5-10 GR’s from the Ethereal and extra cube slot right now on PTR