“Improved Communication” isn’t what is happening - Zero Clarity on Patch Changes

Never heard of this guy. Tell me about him!

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I long ago gave up on Blizzard. I think it was around the time D3 launched and the game was clearly cobbled together as a console-friendly, rigged affair meant to direct you to the AH. I was given a copy of Overwatch and hated the art direction and the hat-tipping to the worst aspects of class-based FPS.

I definitely enjoy D2 and what D3 has become, but I’m extremely skeptical of D4. I like how it looks so far, and I suspect what we’re seeing is extremely early in the way the early D3 demos barely resemble the game that released, but Blizzard has already discussed the idea of microtransactions in the game, and that is more or less a hard pass for me.

I guess what I’m saying is that the Blizzard of old is long gone and what we have now feels more like Activision.

Maybe I’m wrong and D4 turns out to be great. I hope to try the beta and see for myself.


They’ve promised this so often that no-one should believe it any more because they never deliver on the promise. Actions > Words.



They have shown time and time again they are completely out of touch with their player base. Many times it seems that player feedback is piped into an echo chamber. It has been this way for 7 years now, why would we expect them to do a 180 and be engaged with fans over D4?

They are a billion dollar company. They are working on a game with potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars. Get 2 or 3 people at 50k a year to communicate with your current player base on your current game, since poor Nev is obviously, massively over-loaded. That 100k to 150k a year in good will towards your player base will be worth tens of millions when D4 comes out in 2029.


At this point I’ll do it for free, if only to save myself the frustration of knowing whether or not to do the damn challenge rift this week :roll_eyes:

Outside of the communcation and nerfing issues, let’s talk about the fact that at least for the the last month and a half or more, there has been nothing but problems plaguing D3 in terms of party forming, game stability and any form of friend interaction. Friends not being able to get invites without switching toons or doing a complete relog cycle, or not even appearing at all (even when they are confirmed as being online and in game). If parties are formed then the game errors and kicks party members.

Regardless of the problems anyone is facing, its all frustrating.


Couldn’t have said it better, thank you for the post.
One week since Blizzconn, community is boiling with the uncertainty and - nothing.
You could also add

  • fire ring kills players
  • pandemonium buffs wreck some set dungeons
    Communication has been abysmal since beginning of ptr. A few posts on first day, then nothing. Not even an acknowledge of serious bugs. Not to mention new sets with garbage stats.

And then you get the scenario where the patch never leaves the PTR, with the constant put patch up, get feedback, make changes to the game put it back in PTR for another test, get more feedback, make more changes, put it back in PTR, get feedback, more changes, back in PTR, and after a couple of seasons after a half a dozen people have held up the patch for so long it’s pointless even releasing it and the rest of the Diablo player place are screaming wheres the patch you promised us 2 seasons ago, is it dead?

I too share the sentiments of OP. Blizzard has more than salvaged the damage caused to the Diablo community at large caused by Blizzcon 2018, with the highly anticipated announcement of Diablo IV, and the cinematic trailers and initial impressions have been largely great to excellent; and I also truly salute J. Allen’s opening speech at Blizzcon 2019, heartwarming and sincere.

Many of us who are enjoying D3 now are also looking forward to D4, but that is around 2 years+ away from now before release, and we continue to expect D3 supports to remain as promised. Players have known S19 is coming, and using past season start dates, expectations are growing by the day on S19 start date and blog post even a week before S18 ended. If there have been last minute changes to patch 2.6.7, even a one-liner blue assurance would have helped, at least we know we are not ignored. Silence is deafening, and I truly do not wish D3 player trust in Blizzard to be jeopardized after such a good showing during Blizzcon 2019. Seriously, even a blue one-liner would have gone a long way, and at current state, players would also expect why the delay in releasing the patch notes. Winding down from Blizzcon 2019 can only be a reason. Truly hope no further delays in patch notes, and keeping 2-way communication lines opened is always a good thing.

Personally I am also looking forward to S19, and like many players here, we would even be willing to plan around our real life schedule to fit the S19 start date and time. We truly need the start date soon, and if really that date is still not decided by now, at least make known to us a couple of possible Fridays, so that we know and can adapt. Guessing and speculating do not help at all in planning our schedule.


Be glad you have at least something, D3 EU Forum is dead, they didnt even bother to open PTR sections for S19 PTR. Well D3 isnt money-milking game for Blizzard, so why care? This will hopefuly change with D4 and MTX, cause if they will get their monthly money from a game, they will care.


The way I see it, D3 as a whole is on life support rn. Sure, they’ve made it into a great game at the end of the day, but that’s about it. The game just kinda exists with occasional tweaks supported by two and a half men from the team. So for me lack of meaningfull communication is unsurprising at all.


Patch notes are out today or tomorrow according to Nev who was on Bluddsheds stream.

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Next question if this is true.
Why tell that in a stream but not the official forums? I dont believe it until i see it.


I’m hoping the lack of communication really is just due to BlizzCon and D4 madness… but I don’t understand why it takes a whole week to unwind from that… which makes me fear that communication will just never improve.


When there is a mass banwave of cheaters on d3 ill know they listen to there player base … !!


Hopefully this Tuesday the patch notes are out before the actual patch goes live when ever.

What makes you think that the patch will come this tuesday?

No that was in 2004 when they launched WoW and it was a gawdawful mess. They’ve been saying it nearly every month for years. It’s been their go to canned response for thousands of goat screws over decades of mismanagement.

Blizzard communication has not improved in any game on any platform.

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Honestly, I don’t think they even bother reading any of these posts. Why would they? The powers that be don’t really care what we have to say; if they did, they would have announced the ending of S18 by more than 20 minutes. It’s all about money, not player loyalty. As was said before, D3 does not generate a significant income base for the company anymore, so why should they invest a lot of resources in it? For the players? Bah, who cares what they think? We already got their money!

D4 hype is all well and good. it’s actually well past time that they announced the continuation of this very popular franchise. From what I’ve seen of the new game, they are making sure the new version will have plenty of places they can insert a pay service. I just hope it doesn’t become another victim of ‘pay-to-play’ corporate greed.

Just my two cents worth.


Don’t worry. “We’ll be back soon.”