Implement auto-hunt function

It has been a month since developers said they will take action against botters. However, nothing happened so far. Season Leaderboards are fulled with botters. They don’t even delete season leaderboard exploiter in Asia server.

Developers don’t have ability to control botters. Developers don’t respect legit players. Developers consider cheaters as dedicated players. Why always legit players are falling behind? Why aren’t they responsible for this doomsday situation?

If they cannot ban botters, they should implement official auto-hunt function in-game. This system is officially implemented many other RPG game in the world. If developers don’t have ability to control botters, they should make botting officially available to legit players.

There’s no message on the blog yet , they said before end of the year . Let’s wait a little.

what i understand in your thread is : Blizz don’t ban botters so lets all the players bot.
Sorry but it’s not my point of view and i prefer play my game like i want and nwm the leaderboards

I sense a hint of frustration here. The reason nothing has been done yet is twofold:

One: It takes time to develop and implement software/code needed to provide what you are looking for.

Two: I doubt anything will be done in the next 2 weeks other than in-game events. Very few employees will actually be in any office due to the Christmas and New Year holidays.

What can be done would be a simple C&D letter to the creators of bot and overlay programs due to violations of both the EULA and TOS by any of the bot and overlay programs that are in use. This does include TurboHUD and ROSBot, among others.

A case could be made that, by not doing this in a timely manner, Blizzard is consenting to the use of these programs indirectly. Also, it does open up the possibility of legal action. If that happens, be prepared for anything.

Defining timely manner is strictly in the hands of Blizzard, though.

I appreciate the feedback and passion on this topic but we don’t discuss what actions we take publicly. I know it’s frustrating to see players that you feel are being malicious to the game but we’ll get to them in due time.