Impale strafe not good enough?

Well after tons of play, I love the build and if you get the hang of moving through the map you do much better. The downside is that the knives are in a fan and at about 15 yards range you already will miss a target with at least one knife. I can hit like a truck if you get up close but you lose range bonuses for Zei stone. So the build is great early on but the top player with 4300 paragon and perfect gear is doing a 143… so compared to the Wol monk with perfect gear… The DH shadow strafe needs about a 10 GR damage boost somewhere. If they do not get something, then casuals will love it and after progression slows to a crawl at paragon 1500 most of us will quit or move to a better class. I was excited but really this season as of now looks like about 2 weeks of playing. Once growth slows to a crawl and you no longer need any gems from the EN runs. I guess make a zdh, monk, or quit. Nothing wrong with that but i hope season 27 does not last much more than a month so 28 can build on the great new changes from 27.

you would want to use Trapped rather than Zei

You’d definitely use both. And taeguk. Stricken is useless, since you do so much single target damage.

I would use Taeguk, Trapped, and Iceblink with the Cold rune on Impale and build for crits.

everyone uses trapped, that is a mandatory on all heroes. Also taeguk. I did find the esoteric useful as a third instead of Zeis but the point is. DH up close to hit with the knives… you are going to have a bad time. haha AND looking at the leaders… no where near good enough damage. 10 grs back means 400 percent current damage needed PLUS a you are going to have to be up close at 150 to the RG. Not to mention i think any enemy at 150 will one shot you.

Trapped, Taeguk and Zei’s are best in slot. Alongside squirts, FnR and CoE in cube.

I like to have fun with it. Would do Taeguk, Trapped, Iceblink. Elusive and Broken Promise, RoRG in cube. And wear Frostburn.

These two would work against eachother.


Fair point, so swap BP for CoE

Would still produce a lower clear than, FnR + Squirt + CoE, With Zei Trapped and Taeguk.
You’d go witching hour as belt, roll off attack speed, and wraps of clarity for 50% more DR.

I actually quite liked how it performed using 2 part of Guardian set with RoRG cubed.

Yes, until you reach about 2k gons, then you’ll begin to have enough dex on your own to get higher damage output by swapping out.

I think overall Strafe-Impale will be mostly a gimick build for the season and not likely a competitor for pushing. Mostly it’s just a fun thing to try for a bit, using the set in an unintended way.

My LoD Strafe Cluster Bombs is definitely a gimmick build. :smiley:

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Indeed, many fun things to try in that wheelhouse.

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Just like the GoD build, you tend to be in motion and this affects the Zei’s bonus. Also, it’s nice to the skill option to the build, where if you use Zei’s you need to pay more attention to positioning.

I don’t like to play it with Zei’s myself. I use Powerful and usually get right up on the mobs. I’ve cleared a 130 fairly easily with about 1000 paragon. I don’t think this needs a boost, just because another build exists that can do higher.

I run it with F/R equipped, Elusive in cube. The flat DR from Elusive is way better than the pitiful conditional DR from Guardian’s 3.

Meh. I don’t think we have solid numbers on that. It depends a lot on your gear. And it’s irrelevant for most players where getting enough paragon to make this true is unreachable.

I’d be surprised if it’s not the top build for the DH seasonal, but maybe I’m just biased. It’s so much more fun than Marauders.

Indeed. It’s more fun but with the Clusteray power for the season I believe M6 will hold over Strafe-Impale.

Clusteray adds more power to the build, whereas Strafe/Impale actually loses a bit due to positioning and accuracy over the more precise non strafe version.

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Really fun! This is exactly what I wanted to Gears set to play like back before they settled on the momentum thing. I made an alternative build with zodiac, captains & clarity. Then cubed echoing fury & Visage of Gunes. Perma strafe! Perma fun!