Impale copium #21625

We see countless threads mentioning DH/Shadow/Impale needing some love feedback has been given many times over is there a chance we can get a some acknowledgement on this point from the staff? People will keep making endless threads like this if there is never a reply.

I’m sure you guys are already aware of all the points people have made on the set so I’m not going to repeat it all but is there anyone at blizzard that is looking into it or is it currently not a priority any information is better then none getting excited for update posts only to comeback disappointed is worse then knowing I don’t need to check the next two seasons before coming back.

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Sadly, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a weapon class switch. I’d love to see DH impale viable again. I have a feeling they will make the argument that none of the classes have Ethereals for all of their builds, so DH Impale will be left out too.
Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Things i want for shadow mantle set

-Chakram for Shadow set! Please ;-;
-Dual wield knives ( because why not? makes way more sense than use a knife with a quiver… )

damm sad there is not an eth dagger to use on shadow ;-; the hand crossbow could have an affix to allow use dagger skills while wielding it to make shadow at least playable with the seasonal theme.

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