Images in Inventory are loading too slow

Okay. Sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful.

As far as the screenshot goes, I just wanted to be sure you were looking in the right place. (Thanks for posting those).

Hello, im writing direct @ u because its true… i have the same prob (items in stash and inventory takes sometimes up to 30secs to load. i put out the “ Depth Diggers " on my qube and the prob is solved. I put it back, helloooo problem…

My System: Win 10, i3-6100 cpu @ 3.7ghz, 8gb ram, Geforce Gts 250, play D3 on 32 bit Mode (for MUCH better performance in my cause…)
Antivir makes no probs d3 is on whitelist for a long time ago.

If i put it out, “ Depth Diggers ”, no problems anywhere, MUCH better general performance. Cant be the system i think… only since S22 startet.


Big Sur does not run 32-bit apps. Therefore, you do not have the option to launch them.

Same problem here.

macOS Catalina, iMac19.1, Radeon 580X 8GB, 64GB RAM

I found a solution that helped me:

  1. Change texture quality from High to Low
  2. Open/close inventory 4-5 times quickly (press B)
  3. Change texture quality from Low to High again
  4. Open/close inventory 4-5 times again

After that I don’t have issues anymore, although only until next reentering to the game. Then I have to repeat aforementioned process again.


I noticed that, too. I don’t think Depth Diggers are somehow unique in this effect: my HC wizard didn’t have them at all, but the issue was there. Increasing graphic settings isn’t an option for me, they were maxed out from the start.
Switching to 64-bit binaries, however, solves this issue on Win10, and also bumped up the overall performance. I had no idea it was possible to have near-instant area transitions, for example.

I have solved this problem by a temporary way. Each time when I entered the game, I open the setup window and switch “Texture” to another state(High <-> Low), and accept the change return the game. The lag of items showing will become normal and never lags before next game.

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I fixed the issue on having to use the HIGH settings in textures. If I click on low OMG it takes about 12 to 20 sec to load my bank and inventory and drops do not show up until i am far away . crazy .

Seems like an old problem that is still around, season 23 starts this week.

I install D3 on ubuntu using Lutris using 64-bit client. After playing 118 hours, I started tweaking setting hoping to increase FPS on this limited computer. One option was to switch down to the 32-bit client. When I did that inventory began to load very slowly. Piece by piece by piece.

After searching, I found this link and oddly adding Depth Diggers to the cube fixed the problem.

Maybe they can squeeze in a fix before Season 23 stats this weekend. :slight_smile:

Still an issue in July 2021.

The workaround mentioned earlier works for me. I just change the texture quality from High to Low, click Apply, then change it back to High. Doesn’t seem to be necessary to toggle the inventory in between. Unfortunately this has to be done every time you start a new game. You’d think it would last until you quit and relaunch the entire app, but no. You have to repeat the whole process for each new game.

If Blizzard can’t be bothered to actually figure out what’s wrong and fix it, maybe they could at least bake in the workaround so it toggles the texture quality automatically whenever you start a new game.