I'm the guinea pig


First post in the new forums so making the plea to our best and brightest to get the DH sticky(s?) moved over here ASAP!!!

Kind of a bummer that existing threads aren’t being moved but cest la vie!

Guess it will be hard to necro for a while now!!


RedCell is at work.

I’m in his clan.

If he doesn’t have time, i can do it.

Technically, that sticky should be a Wiki


Bummer that you can’t use edit mode in the old board - as it would make things easier I guess.

Not sure which format is supported here. Markdown?


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–> Yes, Markdown - which is pretty nice and easy and a decent upgrade - know it from gitlab projects.


1 5.0 1 gazillion billion

If you wanna test it - use an external MD editor - try out “stackedit . io”

Couldn’t use the link as board said - “can’t include links” …


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Feb 14, 2015
Fellow DHs, I thought it would be good to not only have a current thread containing the most up to date info on the builds and strategies used by veteran Demon Hunters, but also one that will stay current. The goal of this thread is to be: a) an information resource containing the basic theories surrounding DH Sets, weapons, and skills so new players can have an idea of what works, and b) a reference for veteran players.



1.1.0 Embodiment of the Marauder (M6) Set Mechanics
1.1.1 M6 Weapon Theory
1.1.2 M6 Skill Theory
1.2.0 Natalya’s Vengeance (N6) Set Mechanics
1.2.1 N6 Weapon Theory
1.2.2 N6 Skill Theory
1.3.0 Unhallowed Essence (UE6) Set Mechanics
1.3.1 UE Weapon Theory
1.4.0 The Shadow’s Mantle (S6) Set Mechanics

C’nP does work pretty well, I guess.


Neat, though not a fan of character mins


Question for main would be “character limits” for posts and wikis


I’d recommend checking out the guide WyomingMyst posted. There’s actually quite a lot of cool things you can do, and not all of them are in the WYSIWYG interface.

I’m happy to elevate some of the most common guide makers to TL3 to get things moved over. I’ll be cross-checking credentials before doing so, and they need to post in these forums first before I can change their status, but my intent was always to make sure our top content creators are able to jump straight back into what they do best. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to a month and 3 months from now as this all becomes obvious.


I like the new forum software. Did they mention how long the old forum will be available to reference?



heh… quotes don’t count towards the 20 char min :smile:




Interesting… so this is the new forum interface. My first post woo!


[quote=“Kindergarten-2607, post:3, topic:69”]
Bummer that you can’t use edit mode in the old board - as it would make things easier I guess.
[/quote] I had the option to edit my guides, I didn’t try though?


The Copy&Paste function is quite powerful. When you copy from the old forum and paste it into the new editor, most oft the formatting carries over (like lists and stuff) and is converted into the markdown syntax.