I'm legitimately surprised


Fun Fact: We had the percentage in the rift progress bars (all of them) during the RoS beta. It was removed for…reasons? It’s part of a HUD. A HUD by design is a Heads Up Display. That means displaying info “at a glance”, not only showing it when we hover over an area with our mouse while we’re also in combat.

It goes along the same lines as the consolidated buffs holder. I can’t see what’s inside the holder unless I either mouse over it or hold down a specific keybind. I want my buffs out in the open so I can see at a glance. But I don’t get that. I get them hidden behind some inane obstacle, and usually they’re shrine buffs, which expire after just two minutes (without the Gloves of Worship equipped or cubed).

A lot of what turns me off about D3 currently is squarely in the usability/accessibility department, not the gameplay department. I usually adjust to the content changes. I can’t adjust anything about the UI though because it’s locked in stone, unmovable, not click-through, and actively hides relevant information from me unless I jump through hoops to view it.

It’s sad to say, but the console versions have a much better main UI display than the PC version does.


No, because FoT’s rolls suck wind. It’s the most random Amulet in the game.


This is how I feel about it.

Legendary items that have existed seemingly forever as nothing more than useless stat sticks finally getting something they should have had years ago.

This shouldn’t be a thing; itemization should have been the complete package at launch, not by piecemeal years afterwards.

If Blizzard is a pizza store, it’s like they finally delivered your order 3 weeks late.


Dont expect anything in the next 8 months. Since the blizzcon where you said “We’re listening”…well…yeah that was all, nothing new since then


So can you elaborate on the patch cycle development?

Does the team come up with ideas, internally test, PTR it then go live and then move onto other ideas for next patch?

Or is there things being developed into the game that take 2/3 patch cycles to come to completion?

So is it “ideas” > PTR > Live rinse and repeat or is it “ideas” > PTR some > Live with some and the stuff that never made it be developed more in future patches.

It’s this kind of stuff you want in that blog post about D3’s future you are working on.


Well, all of you summed my mixed feeling on the Patch.

Like, “Mmmmhhhh, interesting… but, will this really change anything?”

I really like the buff idea, since it profits for every build possible. Smart move here. Same for some crafts.

But the buffs and new legendaries… Meh. I remember a lot of suggestions has been made, with some threads about skills who need to be up or balanced with legendary power. I see absolutely nothing new, and I think the META won’t really change. I can’t hide my deception here, lot of players made interesting suggestions (TLDR : Barbarian Community buff); but I feel barely nothing reached the devs.

I am not really whyning, but I don’t really see how this patch will change my DIII experience. So, I look forward for this DIII blog, but I expect nothing to change. I just expected new builds to emerge, a fresh flavor for S18.


The second one. Blizzard has said many times that they are normally working on things that are several patches out. Some stuff is fast, but some things take planning, extensive testing, and sometimes even major behind the scenes design work. So, even if they are working coding and testing a current patch, you can expect them to be planning out one or more future patches. Most software development works that way.


We all know the executives had a vote of no confidence couple of years ago and thought that diablo 3 was a major f up, let’s not hide behind petty words shall we. The game is in maintenance mode and we shouldn’t expect more than what they are pumping as content every 6 months. Expecting fresh new content is an irrational goal to have at this point.

It’s irrational and depressing to set a goal that you have no conceivable road-map or plan by which to achieve said goal. It’s like setting sail in a ship and hoping you will run ashore in Japan. No compass, no maps, no knowledge of the sky.

That’s the sad story with Diablo 3, there’s no road-maps, only empty promises.


Nice patch really, I rarely say this. Especially I like a straight forward seasonal feature right at the start. A lot of people though are now concerned that it’s not gonna work well especially for rangers. So I guess the circle or whatever could spawn at you feet and have a GOOD area so you wouldn’t miss out on it 80% of the time. Just my two cents :slight_smile:


ty for all Nevs and Devs! :smiley:

  • The Executioner
    • New Legendary Power: Attacks will slay enemies with less than (5-10%) health.
      i think 10% is too low :thinking: maybe little up from 10% to 20% :wink:

Mortick’s Brace

  • New Legendary Item: Wrath of the Berserker gains the effect of every rune.
    super thanks! :smiley:

Flavor of Time

  • New Legendary Power: Pylon effects last twice as long.
    wow! :open_mouth: dont nerf plz :slightly_smiling_face:

Sage’s Journey

  • A Belt has been added to this set.
    finaly :smiley:

Legacy of Dreams

  • New Legendary Gem:
    can we put this gem in armor (torso) instead jewelry? :open_mouth:


Since there is no power creep this season, (besides NS LoN) that is our free power creep. It’s at best +2 GR with a lot of fishing so I think it’s fine.


This patch is great!!! d3 has a lot of good things that could be added, i think if a Druid dlc could be possible!? thanks d3 team!


If Executioner works like it’s supposed too (AKA, would work on Followers) you might see a small increase from that as well. Your follower will effectively cast Frailty at 5-10%. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be working right.

I’m working on it.


I play all classes and this patch will give me a lot with which to experiment.
I had also hoped for more Barb Love.:disappointed_relieved:


Well yes, there’s small boosts here and there for a lot of the newly reworked items, sure. But Flavor of Time will always be up from zdps so it’s the easiest to measure in the meta push sense. We will always get double duration from pylons, so really it’s the only one that isn’t situational at all.


Could swear I recall Nev some years ago saying they were working on something different with SoJ rings, just saying :stuck_out_tongue: A 5th affix and/or guaranteed socket would be nice for such a classic item.
I was hoarding a stash tab full of SoJ’s forever after reading that <_<

I’ve also been waiting years for a decent Elemental Arrow build and buffs to Kridershot but I’ve given up now.


Are you referring to :

It looks like (IMHO) they could have been fishing for buff suggestions though I cannot recall if this was ever taken any further

Keep in mind too that if SOJ DOES get a buff, legacy copies wont see the benefit. Only Class sets (greens) get the buff retroactively applied.


2 MONTHS LATER :sunglasses:


Oops, my bad necro-dude


I recall her saying ‘might’ be one of the things they look at. Well now we know they’re looking at much more than just SoJ so who knows if that will be one of the legendary powers to add to it as they might prioritize the ones that literally do nothing like last patch, but it damn well should be SoJ that gets an overhaul!

Easiest thing to do with SoJ would to beef up the elite damage and separate it from roll as a legendary power so it can finally get double crit.

That way Furnace can finally be put to rest :stuck_out_tongue: Or you know maybe have both items for 100% more elite damage? It’s DiBS so why not??

Idk or maybe elemental damage but then there’d have to be so many different kinds to cube, so that wouldn’t work. Maybe an affix that adds elemental damage and takes your highest one and multiplies it. If you think about it it wouldn’t be anymore OP than any other rings in the game, considering some rings can triple your damage!