If Nat's stays the way it is, it needs something

I would like maybe for the taunt to be removed from Chanon Bolter and instead offer something like “After laying a spike trap, you gain XX% movement speed for XX seconds and your Spike Traps deal 200% damage.”

Playing the set it’s super tanky but it’s really really slow as you try to elite hunt. I don’t normally have a movement skill on my bar with the set because I’m more concerned about defense than getting around fast with the skills on my bar. So a movement speed bonus would make sense, I think.

They could make Elusive Ring or Omryn’s Chain give a movement speed of like [10-25%] after using Vault.

Vault is no good for this set. The belt would work if it gave the bonus for dropping caltrops, but the belt slot is too valuable for it just to give movement. Competes with Guardian’s and Captain Crimson’s.

The weapon would be better in that regard.

Edit: And Elusive is okay for low grifts, but you need Endless Walk the higher you go, so it wouldn’t work solve the movement speed issue in Higher Grifts.

Which is exactly why they would choose either.

You’re not understanding me…

The issue is the set is too slow. Solving the problem in low Grifts is fine but it should be solved in High Grifts as well. There is no either/or in this game. There’s the right gear or the wrong gear.

What about the following:

  1. When you place a spike trap you automatically get a caltrop. (2p)

  2. Spiketraps now explodes x times (4pc)

  3. Hitting enemies refreshes already laid traps.

First one is to be able to ease the clunkiness.

The second one is a nice to have, for the chain reaction.

Third is to make attacking not only trigger but also give a sense of being meaningful.

One self criticism is that it might feel too akin to Marauder set.

As for movement why do you exclude vault? (Retorical question)

Or just let us cast caltrops at range. The DH can somehow deploy a sentry turret at distance, but a simpler design of a collection of ground spikes (caltrops) isn’t realistic?

They could also add the ranged caltrops capability to the custom engineering passive, but it should really be part of the set itself.

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Yes valid points, sorry for not quoting you btw.

I personally like the double drop as it I’ll make it a little less clunky.

Really nice idea, I think this is the nimblest solution.

I had an idea, though it’s probably terrible. They should make the traps like the s27 WoL bells. This way you aren’t spamming traps. You place 10 traps and then take time to detonate them by shooting at them or something. Only when they are all fully detonated and gone do you drop new traps.

Hey guys, some of these ideas are nice and all, but the thread was about adding movement speed to the set and I didn’t intend it to be a clearing house for ideas that might or might not make the set better.

I’m not complaining really, but it does feel a little like this thread is being hijacked a little.


No you are right you wanted a specific direction.

I doubt that there would be a change towards that direction tbh.

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I certainly felt that. In s28 I don’t think we’ll feel it though with the +25% movement speed node. In NS, once you have enough paragon, I guess you could drop a defensive skill like FoK Bladed Armor for Shadow Power Shadow Glide. With the N2 you can use it quite freely between pulls/groups.

Probably not what you were hoping for, but it does exist. Also a cheery adios. I don’t usually come back to the forums once season starts and I’ve enjoyed our banter and collaborations. Suerte.

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Buff Natalya 6p bounus:10000%→15000% can solve all the problem.

I’d prefer something else entirely. More defense.

I’d like the set to grant 100% Vengeance uptime without Dawn. At GR145, survival stops me from succeeding, not the damage output, not the mobility. It is still dangerous to play with Vengeance, but it lessens the risk.

It’d be nice for the 4pc bonus to just reduce the cooldown of Vengeance to 40 seconds, you the player responsible for gearing with at least 50% CDR.

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How about this, Vengeance’s cool down is reduced by one second and you gain 1% runspeed for 5seconds for every point of discipline you regain.

I don’t know dmkt, I can stand in all effects except Molten at 137 and I have about 2000 less paragon than you. I use Esoteric, Healing Vapors, and the Brooding Passive though.

Seems to me, maybe upping the damage so you could gear and slot skills more defensively would solve the problem for you.

I suppose you are wearing Nat’s Ring and Dawn, the defensive standard.

I am squeezing in CoE with Nat’s Slayer. I have Esoteric Alteration equipped too.

High paragon players can get away with CoE and squeeze more GRs. That isn’t fair to low paragon players. At around 8000-9000+ it becomes comfortable to play with CoE.

Either they buff the set damage, or they raise the defense. The performance is acceptable, but only when you only equip CoE and have defense behind it.

For a set even more clunky than Marauders, it sure deserves better push performance.

So using the sets ability to regain discipline in order to gain run speed and cool down on Vengeance wouldn’t help?


It seems like the number of actions needed to prepare a kill zone is more than for Marauder’s could a extension of the explosions for each trap be desired aswell?

Yeah, that would help as well. Maybe through the grenadier passive by increasing the radius of grenade and spike traps. Saw that as a suggestion, perhaps it was in this thread or another.

That was me. Probably should incorporate Bolas into that as well so that all explody things that aren’t rockets can get a boost. Even with that though the radius of Spike Traps would still be less than 10. That’s really sad considering Bolas have a base of 14.

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