Ideas for Raiment Gen build

Starting this thread to discuss ways to improve the Raiment Generator build for the average player without making it too powerful for the high paragon endgame player. The Generator build has plenty of dps but it has some serious toughness issues since it is a melee build by nature. Very high paragon players can dump a ton of points into Vitality which along with near perfect gear allows them to survive at high GR’s, but I am curious what can be done to improve the build for the “average” user?

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Aside from LON. Looking at set solo builds, Unity usage is rare now. Surely you can tweak unity into any as personal option, but it isnt mandatory. Raiment needs defense (50%) ish imbued onto the set pcs to free up ring slot. Options can be opened then.

When you look at Raiment setups:

R6+ Unity or CoE in the cube. I prefer wearing Unity for elite%
R5+ Rorg. Either DD or Lebvre in cube.
Both uses Endless walk.

Thing is R6 is more natural with focus and restraint. The lack of toughness locks this option away.

If we have 50% DR on set bonuses:

R6+ F/R + HF/squirts. Squirts can even use serenity/ToN. If the proc is stable (havent tested my self), then the 2 rings can be freed up for more options such as rue chambers/unity (HC)/SoJ etc.

R6+ EW+CoE + RoRG+augilds 3pc. Yes losing 60% Spirit guard is big, but the augild bonuses kinda trades off abit. Situatioanal/personal.

Imbued 50% DR onto the set will kick us start with diversity than current pigeon hole setups.

I may fall into the category you’re looking at, and I can tell you that I’m not really interested in pushing greater rifts. For me, I’d rather go crush some 75s or stroll through some solo bounties. The thing I dislike most about monk generator builds is the Shenlong mechanics.

For me, the draw of a generator build would be less worrying about micromanaging resource, but instead we get a very high maintenance playstyle. You get punished if you like picking up loot (so it’s miserable for me for anything except greater rifts.)

I wouldn’t want to take the Shenlong playstyle away from the people who do enjoy it, but I’d really really like to see an alternative that was lower maintenance, but not as much damage as well played Shenlong. For lower-paragon player that does want to do some pushing with the set, such an alternative would open up some skill slot options as you wouldn’t need Breath of the Heavens or Exalted Soul. That could open up some extra defensive options.

Has anyone tried Echoing Fury in the cube instead of Flying Dragon? 75% attack speed all the time vs 100% attack speed when Flying Dragon procs is intriguing.

Yes, up to a certain level EF doesnt proc as much as desired.

Hopefully EF changes to per hit proc as per demands. The bonus increases base weapon att spd and can double dip from IAS on gears.

1.4 APS shenlong becomes 1.4 APS*(1+weapon ias)+(EF%)* (1+ total ias on gears)

Assuming weapon = 7% and 2x7% (glove + WH). 1.41.07+0.75*1.25 *1.24 = 3.48 APS for EF

End APS would be lower as FD is total APS 2. So, 1.41.07*1.25 1.242 = 4.6438 for FD

NOTE: cant remember if dual wield is multiplicative to gear ias or additive. Either way the out come should be similar. D3p is bugged atm for confirmation.

Have you tried Captain Crimson’s with R6? You lose Lefebvre’s and Withcing Hour but gain DR equal to RCR and get damage buff equal to CDR.

CDR / RCR competes with area damage, damage range and att speed affixes. So its not very good at push tier… but mid low tiers like 110-115s where area / damage range isnt that important, it felt pretty smooth. Each spec was 1-2 GR run so didn’t test extensively / only scratched the surface.

Dual wield atk speed is additive 15% as. You can see it easily by equipping 2 1h weapon and watching your sheet as increase go up.

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Yeah man so rusty on basic mechanic these days. This is it.

Out come should be similar though. FD should still out perform EF.

Raiment with DD+CoE is unplayable for players under 7k paragon.
If you play with Radiance you make this build unplayable with any mobs with knockback. Dodge almost doesnt work with any magic damage and many physical hits so this give you just around 20% toughtness burst.
The way you can play this build under 7k paragon is use LS for 50% reduce insteed CoE or DD.
You can play Radiance with damage rings (without AS), use RoRG in cube and euipe LS. This is the best setup for players under 7k paragon to produce effective damage.
50 % damage reduce buff is required to let “avarage players” produce full damage of this build.

the thing i hate with gen build is that there is no perma epi. i really hate cc effects on me :wink: it would be a nice buff to have all runes of epi up and running all time long same as for shadow :slight_smile: then 50% reduction and a perma port are up. and yes, when fnr were introduced the 75 spirit on dash were exactly done for the buff.
i always hoped lon ltk would be a perma epi gen replacement but dmg wise it cannot hold up and its also squishy as heck


Not sure this is the place to ask, but has anyone tried crimson or aughild sets with the DS version of this build? I think toughness should go up measurably because of the amount of RCR needed already, but wasn’t sure the damage loss was acceptable.

I’d really love to see Blizz buff the DS side of Raiment. It’s easily one of my fave builds in the game.

The only way to make generator viable in both term of survivability and and dps is the make use of Broken Promises.
That ring is not so bad if you mainly use Fist of Thunder (6 yards area), and rely on Area Damage procs.

Why do you say BP is a superior option? I’ve never seen anyone use it, at least as far as leaderboards go.

It’s an interesting option that could be worth exploring but I’m not convinced it’s the best option.

I didn’t said BP is superior, but is a viable option for small area actioned-skill builds.
Top leaderboards are non-lifers, appear on the leaderbord do not mean they are good at crafting builds. Double attributes is doubled damage and a great boost to defense, which will make any build strong.

Alright, I think I’ll see if I can try a build that uses BP and Crimson set. If nothing else, at least defense should go up.

Didn’t you think about Crimson gen build with CoE and changes we need to make this build viable?