Idea to fix Jade

Jade set is underperforming right now. 100s are fine but anything over 120+ just does no damage, even with the sanctified power. I keep hitting them but only to see the progress bar going backwards. It’s sad.

I would suggest rework Soul Harvest on the Jade set. Make it so that when you hit Soul Harvest, gather all the damage over time from enemies harvested by you and dish out the damage in an 18-yard radius.

It’s similar to Spirit Barrage, but this time the accumulated damage will be from Haunt and Locus Swarm x 6pc damage bonus from Jade. The good thing is no area damage lag.

Make it happen.


plz blizz i would really love to see a jade buff even if its not made the best doc build would love to see it able to solo 135 - 140 and then maybe this new speed farm would be able to get to 120s idk just make the 6set do 15000 sec maybe ? i dont really know if they would even be what it needed to get on the same lvl as other sets but i think a large group of us would love to play jade again and it not feel like you are gimping your self


Again and again we plead for a Jade buff.
And if ever, the time is now.
With the seasonal theme it would be such an awesome build to main.

People have come up with a few elegant ways blizz could go about it.
-Haunting Girdle %damage multiplier and all Haunt runes. (keep in mind the current best build for jade uses Crimson set so Haunting Girlde would need to make up for the damage loss and then some).
-6 pc consuming all dot applied by the WD (to avoid silly interactions such as firebird).
-Introducing a stacking buff that makes it so waiting gives soul harvest more and more damage the longer you wait. Resetting on cast.
-Introducing a Haunt Weapon that doubles its attack speed and gives Rush of Essence passive (better stricken stack potential).

But at this point I’ll take any solution that let’s us push competitively with other top builds.

That being said I really hope blizzard decide to let us keep the seasonal power in some form after season ends. It would be a straight up cruelty to take it away from us jade enjoyers.