Idea for diablo3 ptr and normal

hallo all i like a Wipe of PTR leaderboard when you fix gear this will give a more real idea about how the gear / setups works this is a test room so dont let that stand in as an issue. altso i got ideas about making solo realms with leaderboards 1 for hc 1 for normal / ofc only open for seasonals this will give solo players a great free time try to get on leaderboards without the use of grps and altso hopefull without cheaters. i really do hope you can read this with all my misspelling.

The D3 PTR Leaderboards were wiped this morning along with the patch.

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Dear Nevalistis !

Regarding :

March 1st is a SUNDAY, not a friday.

Yes, it is a Sunday. Seasons start on Friday afternoon and end on a Sunday afternoon. If you want, you can check all the starting and ending dates and match them up to a calendar.


I have no had enough coffee today. :upside_down_face:

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