Idea for a Crusi Set


Laws of the Horsemen

2 piece Bonus: All three law passives are applied and the effects are trippled

4 piece Bonus: the Steed Charge Rune Draw and Quarter now drags up to 15 creatures

6 piece Bonus: Damage done to dragged enemys is applied as health for you and your party

Just a Idea, hope you like it


I get where you’re coming from but sets should buff skills in a way that it makes them viable for solo push. I don’t like pet builds but this set could be an interesting idea for pet builds if you also want to buff steed charge to be viable in 4p group meta.

4p set - Steed charge gains the draw and quarter rune and can drag up to 15 mobs. While you’re steed charging, you gain 65% damage reduction, and casting a defensive, utility, laws or conviction skill no longer dismounts you.

6p set - Your summoned avatars damage is increased by X% and prioritise attacking enemies hit by your bombardment.

It is worded in such a way that phalanx is buffed but so is baleful remnent (or whatever that item name is exactly) and avatars summoned by falling sword.
The idea is to play a very “commander-type” gameplay where you ride around on your horse, casting bombardments wherever you want your pets to attack.