ICYMI: Lamentation will stay 0%

The following is a quote from Nev in another topic about what the discussion between Nev & developers yielded in regards to patch note accuracy for the upcoming Season 19 announcement.

It will 100% be necessary. With Monk’s new set and the nerf to Lamentation’s expected buff, barb will remain the lowest solo clearing class — no longer tied for last with monks.

I understand the removal of the increase for the bigger picture — you can’t remove clears in an Era that used an item that went from 200% to 100% or 0%, so in that way, and only that way, it’s understandable & fair to add power as an Era progresses.

But…there is no mention of that in the notes. The focus of the notes is in how Barbs will fare in Season 19, so logically speaking, I am confused at best. You wanted to see how barbs perform but then remove 67% of their damage, making it a significantly less attractive option which will net you less data on the state of Barbarian.

Every class has a best build. You shouldn’t have balanced Barb around nerfing Lamentation, you should have buffed the underperforming new additions (Fjord/Remorseless) to bring up the other builds that would have underperformed when compared to RendWW. Now, the whole class will be back to the weakest.

We’re all disappointed.


No i am not… i’m happy… Its a small nerf after all…

1.) Anyone who cares about overall class balance is disappointed.

2.) This is not a small nerf. This is a 67% damage loss/7GR drop to what would have been the best performing Barbarian build that would have put Barbarian on somewhat equal footing in terms of solo push potential.


The cake was a lie. Again. Barbs are no better off than we were last season.


Unfortunate really. I might still open with a Barb anyway because not sure I want to do the new Crusader set to start off with. But man is that disappointing.


I’ll definitely still be starting Barb, it’s just that without Lamentation’s buff it will be…a lot more challenging.

No blue post for a week, then the one we do get is so vague and lacking of any real explanation other than “we let you try a nice toy for a week, and now we’re taking it off you”!


Mortick’s 2.0 shrug


I’m actually pretty incredibly devastated.

I was incredibly hyped since the PTR. After the Blizzcon leak, I’ve been visiting these forums like twenty times a day, reading the discussions. I’ve watched the feedback blow up. I felt like for once, Blizzard might listen to us.

Then nothing. Again.

That feeling, when you get emotionally invested in something, only to see it crash and burn? Yeah. I’m just so disappointed in Blizzard (the supposed D3 devs) right now.


Oh well guess I will try crusader this season.

Whining everywhere… Rend barb with Lamentation was able to do 145+ with a 7 GR nerf you will be able to do a 138.

ALSO 135 is Rank 1 atm from Darkpatator With no Rend Barb image him on the super strong Rend Build next patch (And he also cleared 140 on PTR with unoptimized Gear, lag of 200+ Ping AND in like 20 keys)

Barbd Buff was too strong and the nerf brings him down to Chantodo level.

Stop whining


And I’m the next Pope, and I’ll stay Pope for the next 145+ GRi…erm, years.

See how easy it is to pull facts out from where the sun don’t shine?



Small nerf? SMALL NERF? You call reduce 67% damage from a top buy of a class a small nerf? Do you have any sense at all?


Its not only my opinion, Vyr Chantodo didnt even made 137 on PTR when it was buffed and as you can see, it cleared 145

Pic or it didn’t happen.


Literally no proof that 145 was actually possible. Build died to zombies on a great floor. Number of keys doesn’t matter, it’s technically possible to get a god rift on your very first key.

Chantodo is still going to be above 140 post nerf.

So, no. Will to continue to whine.


Yeah All I need now is perfect gear, and another 8k paragon. So happy…


That’s a bunch of text a guy wrote that he would be able to clear 145.
Now I’m writing I’m going marry a 20 year-old Scarlett Johhanson next week in Hawaii. I Invited all members of D3 comunity. You can take a picture of my comment and use it as a fact.


a GUY? thats one of the best barb players, that you dont know Chewi tells everything about you…

and heres the 140 Clear have fun:
Diablo 3 PTR2.6.7 | GR140 Solo Barbarian | Rend WW - YouTube

he even died and cleared it with 200+ Ping

Whatever, a guy can claim anything he wants, just like Activision Blizzard promised to “improve comunication” and then fired like 80% of their CM.
I must spam here “Pic of that didn’t happen”. I’ll only look at actions and number, not words and claims.

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