I was sent a Bliz discount on d4...is it worth it?

I was sent a discount on d4 for 30 dollars,I didnt mind d3 for it being 30 bucks.Any thoughts?

Two threads on the same subject. Some people will say NO “D4 bad” just like people did when they were crying about D3. Others will say YES they have already made improvements and will continue to do so just like the did with D3.

I play diablo 4 and the graphics are way better, but its very limited and for $30 bucks - id say thats probably where the games value is. It’s a solid $30 game, if you play a broken build, you will get $30 of entainment out of it before next season (current season is hunting vampires) - i like hunting vampires

Yes. It’s worth it. Just get the standard edition. The extras and battlepass arent worth the money IMO.