I want to thank the Blizzard team

I am so delighted with the balancing you have done with respect to such classes as Crusader and WD in the new season that I can’t contain my emotions! Finally, these game classes perform on equal terms (and even surpass) with such unbalanced ones as Necromancer, bravo! Finally, fans of these two classes will be in the meta, I can’t believe my eyes, thank Blizzard!!!


I’m so excited to try the new meta out, 4 man Wiz, necro, zbarb, and zdh. Or maybe I’ll try the new solo meta of DH/monk…


I’m so thankful to whinny crybabies who do nothing but complain. Gives me something to laugh at.

I don’t understand where you saw the whining. I am grateful to Blizzard for the work done and if you see something different in my message, then wipe your glasses better.


Same, I was just crediting Blizzard for the ability to balance games so well. Like they balanced SC2 for years, watching the ladder to see which races fell behind and watching the pro gamers for feedback and knowledge on what works and doesn’t. It’s amazing they did things for D3

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Oh man, the ol’ make a post and then edit it to make the person commenting look dumb. I got got! Hahaha!

He didn’t really edit anything in the OP my dude, good trolling tho, keep it up and you will graduate soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Awwww, you were fooled too. How cute. :heart:

Seriously, if you think people are dumb enough to think youre genuinely thanking Blizzard, I cant thank you enough for the humor you are providing.

The fact that you believed me proves you have much to learn young one.

Edit, ever hear of satire lmao


What! Good lord, I’ve got to stop getting got. Leslie Neilson over here showing me how it’s done!

Leslie Neilson? That’s David Spade telling a gas attendant he’s really smart.

when, in the history of anything, has this kind of “feedback” worked.

I always love the irony of people who log in to complain about people who complain.