I want to join a clan

Hi there! New to this season and would love to be part of a clan! Please tell me more! Thank you!

Currently Onlineā€™s Diablo clan has been shredding the legions of hell since 2016. Lead by a dedicated team of Diablo addicts, the Diablo clan maintains an active player base, and often even has a waiting list to join! Come experience Diablo in a more social way than ever before.

The Diablo clan has active players throughout each season, massive season launch parties, weekly group play nights, and competitive players pushing GRifts regularly. All players from casuals, to competitive rifters will find a welcoming home in CO, and a community to play with!


  • Active players throughout each season
  • Regular social events
  • Pingable LFG roles for rifting
  • Helpful and friendly environment

Hope to see you all in Sanctuary soon!.

Website: www currentlyonline org
Discord gg/currentlyonline

Hey there, We are a small team. but hope to grow and we will be on diablo 4 as well. We do have discord but we use Guilded over Discord. However you can add me on discord. Ninjas Dynasty#9956

All im looking for is this.

  1. Have mic.
  2. be age 18+
  3. Join us in Guilded. i do have discord but we dont use it. YOu can add me on discord Ninjas Dynasty#9956 and i will help you get on Guilded.
  4. Be active and have fun.