I stuck at Torment X

Hello everyone, i started diablo 4 days ago but i stuck at torment X as hunter, cannot improve my character anymore, if you have any idea to me to improve it i’d be very appreciate, thanks.
here s my character:

By the way i use strafe as skill

You’re missing many key items, no emerald in weapon, poor skill choices, etc.

Start by reading this build guide:


pretty much all your legendary items have no synergy with the GOD set.
you should also look into sockets on jewelry for legendary gems as well as an emerald in the weapon.

sheet-damage can be misleading, sure an ancient piece will probably offer you some more damage in the stat-screen over a normal legendary, but the legendary effect will most likely offer you much greater benefit if it synergizes with your equipped set, and those are rarely shown in the statscreen.

edit: just saw hunters wrath on your templar, equipping that belt on your self will offer you much greater benefit than 8% less damage per companion when you have no companions.

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Nice to see that new players still exist in D3. The most powerful skill with Gears of Dreadland is Hungering Arrow as the primary skill with the 9th Cirri satchel quiver. Once you get that, you will fly through the torment levels to max Torment 16. Just have to grind until then. Don’t forget to do the bounties though, especially act 1, so you can get the ring of royal grandeur and only have to equip 5 pieces of GoD armor. That way you can also equip either Captain Crimson or another 3 piece set for added damage.

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thank you so much for your reply,
i have questions, firstly why do we care about primary skills, dont we only use strafe for slots? secondly, i checked the guide but all items are ancient, and on kanoi it has %10 chance to upgrade to ancient, and it needs 50 forgotton soul each. So i think its dilemma, because on low torments its impossible to farm 50 forgotton soul and even 1 item approximatly needs 500 forgotton soul to made an ancient. And players need to farm these to go to higher torments.

thank you, i think i care too much damage toughness and recovery, forexample when i go to on hunters wrath with mouse those 3 stats are negative like -2, -5, -3, but you mean being in synergy is more important than stats

Read the set bonuses carefully until you understand them. Strafe is not your damage dealer.


Like TimberWolf stated, read the set bonuses carefully.

In short, GoD buffs primary skills, Strafe serves only as your vehicle to move around and generate primaries. Your Strafe damage is irrelevant.

Don’t worry about that. Maxroll always shows the best possible rolls on items… with 150 gem augments. They use the d3planner tools where you can pick and choose values. In real life (that is in the game) ordinary, and not perfect items will get you going quite nicely. You’ll be able to run T 16 and greater rifts 70 to 90 (and higher eventually) with ease once you have the base build with ordinary, non ancient, non perfect items.


i get it, so i generally attack with primary skill like hungering arrow on left mouse click, and when i need to move quick like rifts i use strafe to transportation

so basically i need those items normally at first, so that i can farm fast and more effective, then when i have those upgrade items like forgotton soul i’ll start to upgrade my item set one by one right?

With the set bonus, strafe shoots your last primary skill. And the primary skill is what gets the damage boost with the 6 piece bonus. So strafing will shoot hungering arrow, if that is the last primary you used. I made the same mistake when I started the GoD DH too. It is a common error. Once you work that out, the game will be easy.

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oh get it, so strafe gets those set bonusses too when i use hunger arrow at the beggining of a slot for example.
i have one more question, i have 3 pages of set items in my stash, should i salvage them or is there a something else that i can with them?

Keep them. If you plan to finish the Altar of Rites there is one node that requires 4 pages from the Tome of Set Dungeons (worry about that when you get to that point). The Gears of Dreadlands set doesn’t have a set dungeon or a page, so you will need full sets of the other 4. Use Kanai’s Cube to craft missing pieces if you have duplicates.

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I think you are saying you have 3 tabs of set armor in your stash. Keep what you want, salvage the rest. You might want to try a different set at some point. I only keep ancient or primal set items if they are not Gears of Dreadland, but keep it all until you need to make space.

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True. Of course some plain items will benefit greatly by being enchanted (rerolled) at the Mystic. Like if you can get hungering arrow damage on an item that doesn’t have it when you find it and getting critical hit chance and critical hit damage on gloves. But don’t go overboard enchanting just to get the max values because you can soon spend all your materials and gold that way.

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so as a 70lvl and 373 paragon who stuck at gr 57, i only farm legendiries for now to get the god set and when i completed it i’ll try to make them ancient and same stats as much as the guide on @2 comment , so briefly farming legendiries for now make my progress improves to torment 16?

You have a the full set, but look at some of the stats on the pieces.

Your chest piece has +Spike Trap damage - not using that skill, change it at he Mystic.
Your pants have + Grenade damage - again, not suing, change it.
Boots, +Strafe - Strafe isn’t doing your damage, it is just the delivery mechanism. Change that to Hungering Arrow (replace Bolas as your primary with HA).

Focus on little changes like that so that your item buffs and skills are in synch with each other. Don’t worry too much about ancient items for now.
Ditch that Bombardier’s Rucksack, you’re not using Sentries. Find another crossbow, stuff like that.

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yes but thats the dilemma for me, Myriam only changes 1 of the stats, and if i want change them completly it needs 50 forgotton soul on kanois cube, but on my torment level its impossible to farm 50 easily, i spent 3 hours today and only farmed 100 forgotton soul, i really dont know what to do for now

She doesn’t require 50 FS’s, you’re thinking of Kanai’s Cube and reforging. She only needs 1. Don’t worry about reforging the whole thing at once, for now. Keep playing and Ancients will start dropping. Worry about reforging later on when you have tons of mats to spare.

yes but myriam only changes 1 of the stats, not change all the stats

So change that one stat that needs changing. Worry about reforging later. Right now you just want to be able to get past Torment X into Torment XVI.

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