I keep getting logged out despite "keep me logged in"

So i’ve been recently having this problem where i would start the battle.net application to start a game and it says “your login session has expired. Please log in to battle.net again. BLZBNTBG80000023 (47)” and i log in and i’m able to enter, but the next time i start battle.net application it will say the same thing even if i logged in just a moment ago.

I’ve been appearing as offline for a while, if that makes any difference.



I too have the same behaviour… it doesn’t do that every single time, but it does it often enough. There is another post on the same issue here:

Don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s something that can be cured through troubleshooting…

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Howdy guys!

This is a known issue and we are looking into it to get it fixed up.

If we need any information we’ll hit ya’ll up.

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The server seems unstable. After being in the game depending on time, the game freezes and becomes unresponsive and disconnects. Despite having remember me checked for login. Per Diablo 4, apparently they are able to handle the load with so many players, can’t Diablo 3 borrow the updates to stabilize the server? It is quite disruptive when you’re trying to clean the boss and all sudden everything stops and have to redo the boss fight which can be tough and super annoying because of the amount of time it took to bring down the bosses level.

@zAwesomeness : Your post is about a different issue… so you should have started a new topic.

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This is happening again.