I keep dying HELP Please!wrs

Hey all I’m in desperate need of help please. I’m fairly new to Diablo and have been trying to read up on it. I am a Barb level 70 (496) playing on torment XI And greater rift level 80

Any type of elemental damage I immediately die. Is this normal? Is my equipment crap? Do I have wrong gems socketed? I am providing my whole character build and stats below can someone please review and let me know?

strength 9,016
Dex 77
INT 77
Vitality 5,721
Armor 19,052
Damage 458,396

Physical resistance 728
Cold 427
Fire 575
Lighting 427
Poison 427
Arcane 617

Maximum life 996,004
Life per second 34,145
Life per kill 25,120
Life per hit 68,510

Max fury 142

Weapon: the sultan of blinding sand, 3877 damage with a royal flawless Amethyst

Gauntlet of waste 964 armor

Pauldron of wastes 632 armor

Cuirass of wastes 1315 with two royal flawless rubies and one royal flawless diamond

Helm of the wastes 688 armor with royal flawless amethyst

Travels pledge amulet with taegok

Lacuni prowlers 875 armor

The compass rose ring with molten wildbeests gizzard

Skull grasp ring with bane of trapped

Sabaton of wastes 966 armor

Tesset of wastes 1312 armor with two royal flawless rubies

Lamentation belt 1023 armor

Well, it’s certainly not the gear you actually want…

Changes for Season 22 would be…

Equipped weapon 1: The Slanderer
Equipped weapon 2: Little Rogue
Equipped ring 1: Focus
Equipped ring 2: Restraint

Cube Weapon: Ambo’s Pride
Cube Armour: Mantle of Channelling
Cube Jewellery: Band of Might
Cube Wildcard: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

For speed-farming (e.g. rifts, bounties, low level GRs), you can use the Bul-Kathos weaponry for the extra run-speed, and never-ending Fury generation.

Diamond in helm for reduced cooldowns.
Diamonds in chest / legs for All Resist.
Bane of Trapped, Bane of Stricken, Taeguk for legenday gems.
Emerald(s) in weaponry, as they provide 130% Critical Hit Damage.

Barb also has a few defense passives. Namely: Tough As Nails, Relentless, Superstition, and Nerves of Steel.

Mortick’s Brace would help and Skull Grasp isn’t a thing now that Rend does most damage.
The EW set is ok but you are only getting half the bonus as you don’t stand still to fight.