I hope D4 won't get released before 15 May 2022

So we can have a D3 10 years Anniversary and get a major patch (Map Editor and Co-op major patch) as Starcraft 2 did on their 10 years anniversary. :rofl:

Well…dreams are free.


Seems pretty much guaranteed we wont have D4 before that.

But yeah, I bet the D3 anniversary will be a pet… if you are lucky. Or maybe some wings for your pet. Or wings for your wings.

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One, it will more than likely be before then considering they went from only have a tiny bit of Scosglen playable to at least one full zone mostly feature complete in 6 months.
2, Diablo never had a map editor unlike the Starcraft games, so i doubt that will be given out to players.

OP the only thing you will receive is a link to a streamer playing it, like they did with D2’s 20th.

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That because D3 exists. That is why I am hoping that D4 won’t get released before D3 10 years anniversary so there will be a small chance that they will give D3 a little damn.

Starcraft 2 Co-op PVM mode gets major update (PRESTIGE MODE) for every commander in 10 years anniversary update, so I was hoping that maybe D3 will get major update for every character too.

All i hope is not getting the stats/skill tree from D2… that was terrible , getting a pet instead of follower would be nice. And very hard boss fights for once…like phase one normal… phase 2 immune to fire ect

After another 2 years…

Blizz: “We will have season 30 launch by this week and we will bring back season 10 journey reward for you.”


The pet will guaranteed be a Red Bull can, since Red Bull gives you wings. This way they can try out a new business model for shameless product placement.

In all seriousness, they will do for the 10th anniversary what they have done for the last 9 anniversaries, nothing. Some forum goer will then throw up a “Happy 10th Anniversary” thread that will get a bunch of upvotes. This will be followed by 5 threads of “Where are the Blues?”. 5 hours later a Blue will throw a “Happy 10th” message up on Twitter, instead of their official forums. After a week or two of forum raging, you will get a double goblin weekend.