I Found The Cause of The Lag

I saw a video today from Lord Fluffy who talked about a forum post where a user solved the lag issue by altering a sound DLL file in the Diablo 3 directory. I just started playing D3 again for this season and I got hit with the lag. I noticed that it was odd lag. My FPS wasn’t low, my internet connection was fine, but I was freezing. I have been having this identical problem in WoW since the launch of Shadowlands. Not only that, but my PC has been lagging out on Youtube and blue screening after I experience these lag issues in game.

At first, I thought it was my PC. I ran memory checks, tested my hard drives, watched all of my hardware on multiple monitoring programs, and ran SFC /scannow in the command prompt. It would find corrupted files in Windows (I’m using windows 10) All of my hardware checks out and after the files were repaired and the computer restarted, everything would be fine again. That is until a week or two down the line playing WoW and the problem would reoccur. Now seeing that it has happened while playing D3 and ONLY while playing 2 Blizzard games and nothing else on my computer causes this problem, I suspect that it has to be something on Blizzard’s end that is corrupting Windows.

I need confirmation on this from other players having this experience. If you experience the lag, pls type CMD into your search box and this will bring up command prompt. Right click on it and run as administrator. When it opens type “SFC /scannow” into command prompt and see if it finds corrupted files. Then get back to me on here and let me know if it’s just me, or if this is what everyone else is experiencing as well.

Thanks in advance.

I found your post while searching for solutions to the Diablo 3 lag I’ve recently started to experience. No hardware changes here, and I’m using the latest graphics driver, but the game stutters and occasionally hangs for a few seconds when a lot of enemies are on screen (whether I play solo or not). I tried your suggestion of using Microsoft’s Resource Checker, but I noticed no gameplay improvements afterward.

Alright. Thanks for getting back to me. I know that whatever I’m experiencing is probably unique to my computer now. Though I still can’t figure out why only Blizzard games trigger the Windows corruption.

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