I finally did it! GR101 :D


I don’t know if being old and playing hardcore is a good excuse…
But I think I never went above GR90 something… (in all those years!)

This season I played softcore, made it to Paragon 800 and … just did my first solo GR above 100 (101) :smiley:
Yeah! Victory is mine! :smiley:

Ok next season try again HC?
But I died so many times in softcore… not sure I can make it in HC, hahah…

Even better, first time I found a viable T16 bounty Wizard bounty build! :smiley:
(was never satisfied before) and it doesn’t use any new items! Damn, could have done it before! :open_mouth: :confused: :slight_smile:


Well, congratulations.


I know that a lot of people are used to doing GR100+ and having 1000+ paragon, but for a casual player it is really nice when you complete your first GR100+.

My first GR101 was in season 15 or 16, with my Jade WD. It felt so good, until I tried GR102 and realised that I was at 50% with 1 minute left Xd

Also, it is good to see a topic that is not related to hate/etc in this forum!


Yes congrats a cool acheivment - who was the rift guardian?


I only recently hit 100 with my Tal Wiz but I don’t remember which change I had to wait for before I could do it. Definitely not using any of the new sets or EC or Squirt.




I remember the first time I hit GR 100 as if it was yesterday even though it was quite a few seasons ago. It was with a N6M4 DH (does anyone still play that build? All I see is Impale or MS these days) and my hands actually shook when I got to the RG. :smile:


Im about to join you on this =D Cleared 98 today hardcore, with no Augment para 720 :wink: a little more grind and should be able to clear a 100 +


This bud’s for you. :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:


gratz on the gr 100.


It was 4:30am and I was really tired… mm…
But I think it’s the big mallet one… mmm… Perendi! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for your nice words! :slight_smile:



Always nice to slap your PB.


Congrats to your accomplishment


Well done. :grinning:


Awww… thanks guys! :slight_smile:
Good hunting to you as well! :smiley:

Go Kenpachi, Alfina, Lexi, go! :slight_smile:


GZ man, hope you had fun with it.


i remember doing 100 with my Shadow DH a long time ago and after that i fell in love with him , Grats on the kill tho :slight_smile:


Gratz on GR100. I’m still trying to get to 100 GR in season with my “snowflake” build (curently at 98 GR).


So close! :slight_smile:
Some Candlesan should do the trick! ^^


Yep I currently have only one level 60 caldesan on my quiver, one primal - wraps of clarity, far from perfect by the way and not even full ancient items build yet I finished GR 98 with my so called snowflake build.

I hope Blizz will continue adding powers to current useless legendaries or redesign sets to make them useable like they did with Crimson (probably best change they made in months or even years and whoever came up with that change should get a raise).