I enjoy Diablo Immortal and only do Mad King runs

Hello everyone. I started Diablo Immortal a few weeks ago and I do quite enjoy it.

I think that Mr Wyatt Cheng did a great job with this game and it does feel fun even though I haven’t spent money on it yet.

I’ve started to only do Mad King Leoric dungeon runs only. I really like fighting skeletons and The Mad King. It’s really fun and I never get bored of doing it and I don’t care about getting the best loot, I play for fun.

I tried rifts and greater rifts, they are fun but doing Mad King dungeon runs solo over and over is my thing. I’ve spent 6 hours doing that alone the other day. This game is a blast! You can really make your own end game in a way.


blizzard buy these positive review bots?


I’m not sure what you mean friend.

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What does that mean friend?

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I thought I had low standards


If you love DI so much, you should try the full version…diablo 3.

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What does that mean friend? I’m not understanding.

This is clearly a sarcastic post about the repetitiveness of the game.


Good bot! Good troll!

It’s not. Technically most games in this genre are repetitive but you can find “fun” repetitiveness and that’s what I’ve done.

I’m not seeing the issue people have with this game? You can easily get through everything without paying.

theres only one way to explain DI

That is such a great movie.

Rad Radford.

Would you like to play a nice game of chess?
[yes] [no]

No thank you. I never was a big chess player.

I’ll be bach.

Thanks, I just bought it. Giving it a go.

Also bought Torchlight III since it was on sale.

Going to replay Torchlight II then play Diablo 3! Both are great series.

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Sure, the game is just so shallow that doing all the content feels a bit meaningless.
Like they took an A-RPG, and removed everything until only the treadmill remained.

Then they added some predatory P2W gambling on top for good measure.

DI in a nutshell