I dont want outdated mechanics!

So guys, im a old D2 player. I played the hell out of the game straight @ release and i know that now D2RE is a Remake. But some mechanics are totally outdated. I bet that many players will drop D2RE after some month when it stays like D2 stays. You cant make a game only for fanatic fanboys which are not objetive.

Diablo 2 was very cool @ the year of release, even LoD. But this game NEEDS some QoL and even newer content some month/years after release. In D2 after some time you must create your own endgame because D2 dont have really a endgame.

I mean, i would even play D2RE when the game is 100% like D2, no problem. But in the year 2021, we NEED some changes or the game is @ release totally outdated.


Sorry dude, any further content added to the game that isn’t from the original development team will just ruin the game…

Not only do I fervently wish this to not happen the likelihood of it happening looks slim.


I bet with you that this game got some new content after some time.


QOL charges are fine as long as they dont affect balance.
being able to lock character lvl to not gain more exp
loot filter
stack-able runes and gems
and apparently people will argue this does affect balance but i have tested it for 2 years and i have seen zero balance effect. except at the first start of hell " charm inventory"

but too often D3 's player idea of “qol” is something like "make it so i dont have to share and and make drops rain from the sky. “infinite scaling rift"so we limit the game to only the best build”

i mean i played d2 for over 10 years i can see the HR drop rate for vex+ being made a bit more reasonable… but if players want something like d3 drops raining down they just need to leave, this game isnt for them


There was a time where further changes were all I wanted like class specific rune words and such.

But that ship has sailed know what i’m saying ?

The chapters ran out and the book was written, ya feel me ?

g o p l a y m o d s


yeah, i get that. Drops raining from the sky are totally stupid. I mean i play D3… 2 or 3 days in a row and thats it because everthing is waaaay to easy.

Dont get me wrong, i love D2 and i would play the remake like hell even when the remake would be 100% D2 without changes, only a graphic update.

The good thing is that D2RE will get some changes in terms of QoL. Lets see what will happen after the other surveys and when the game has his release.

its a remaster. not a remake. just sayin^^…

you need it …not we. no front. :stuck_out_tongue:


the go play diablo immrtal or wait for d4


Yeah ikr you wanna ride a mount and do some parkour ??

F off to d4 lmao


For my play style, D2 has no end game. Once I kill Hell Baal on hardcore with 7 different characters mainly due to my own effort and finish a couple of pandemonium events, this game is done for me for most part.


Yes WE do.
(20 characters long)


I personally don’t feel like any of its mechanics are outdated.
Played nonstop at release and I played almost nonstop yesterday.

Game holds up amazing imo.


the few casual arcade poppers do ok. but that doesnt count :stuck_out_tongue:


Plenty of veteran D2 players do, but keep telling yourself that.


Not having end-game is the reason why Diablo 2 was successful. It didn’t force content down your throat.
The fact it was open-ended allowed players to choose how they wanted to play the game at late game levels and let them choose where they farmed their high-end gear. When you introduce “end-game” content, you force players to stick to one type of content and the rest of your game goes to waste.

In conclusion to this rather short segment, Diablo 2 does not require end-game to be enjoyable as the game has proven time and time again for 20 years.


What mechanic is outdated that they have not stated they will update? I haven’t seen one singular outdated mechanic. All I have seen is complaints to make the game so simple that a 5 year old can master it in a month. This game is complex. Choices are more permanent but, not completely permanent because of the 3 respec quests and tokens. So you can still respec your character but, it is not infinitely easy too this is a good thing. There are consequences for your actions. You are drawn in to learn more about the game to be better because of this.

Since you own a copy I also suggest you play the current version of the game online. You will find it is very different then what you likely remember with all the updates and patches.


Not when 2 other games in the franchise are in development.


@ Ionz22 You… do realize… that repeatedly parroting all of your complaints over a myriad of threads will not increase the already infinitesimally and impossibly small chance that any of the thing you want will become reality, right? At this point, you’re just spamming.


No different then the same people doing the same thing as me! You look at every thread the same posters post the same things but thanks for noticing! Want me to name them??? We can go threw and call everyone out for spam!!


There was some modern features added, like better graphics, better frame rate, and standard arpg QoL features.

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