I am not able to play Diablo 3

Since this morning i couldnt create a game anymore. Maybe it was maintenance and something got stuck because even now when i tried to create a game the screen gets stuck at loading screen. I play SSF so i can’t join other games.

I unninstalled the game and restarted PC, now when i try to install the game my bnet get stuck on “waiting on another update” forever so i am now unable to instal the game again.

I then unninstalled bnet and restarted my PC. Now my bnet install is also stuck like the servers can’t be reached or something. Can’t play any Blizzard games now :frowning:

My internet works fine, btw.

Help please !

Did you remove the Battlenet Launcher at the same time you removed Diablo 3?

This is the way to go.

Then reboot and re install the Battlenet Launcher and then install D3.

I would have to agree. The launcher may be the cuplrit here, not the game itself.

You can bypass the launcher and run the game directly, however you would need to make a shortcut for it. And you still need the launcher for updating the game when it gets an update, so its only a small workaround.

If you want to try the shortcut route if reinstalling the launcher fails, you will need to go the location the game is installed. By default its C:\Program Files(x86)\Diablo III\x64. Under here should be a shortcut to Diablo III64.exe. Right-click, choose “Create Shortcut”. Once that’s done, you need to modify the shortcut’s “Target” field to look something like this:
"C:\Program Files(x86)\Diablo III\x64\Diablo III64.exe" -launch

You do this by right-clicking the newly created shortcut you made, and click “Properties”.

If needed, replace the C:\Program Files(x86) with wherever the game is actually installed.

Then hit Ok and it will save and close. You can then double click it to open the game. It will then prompt you to login with your battlenet account and password. Then you should be in after that.

Here is a video where I show how it works. This was made several years ago, but the info is still accurate, despite it being on a Windows 7 machine. lol


I now have same issue, game will not even start, and we should NOT have to jump through all of these hoops to get it to run, This in on Blizzard.

My suggestion for this would be contact Blizzard and Leave a bug report and their development team will do their best to Fix the issue for your computer!

Hope this is issue gets fixed sooner for you so you can get back to playing Season 29! :slight_smile: