I am losing forgotten souls

I’m needing 20 forgotten souls for the Alter of Rites at the beginning of the game. I had 9, so I salvaged a few I had been holding at the as I went through the lower levels. Then I had 17. The next time I looked, I had 15. Huh?

Then I salvaged 2 more and it’s down to 12. I did a couple of reforge on a weapon to a socket, but I don’t think they were used for that.

Where are they disappearing to?

I assume to the Mystic Artisan, as each affix reroll from Enchanting an item costs you a Forgotten Soul for each attempt. Forgotten Souls have very limited sinks in the game.


Mystic uses souls when you reroll an affix on a level 70 legendary. Cost is 1 db, 1 soul, 15 veiled crystal, 5 dust. This should be what’s happening to your forgotten souls.


It depends.

The Mystic will only Enchant Rare and Legendary items.

Cost of enchanting an item Property:

Level 70 Rare Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystal, Gold
Level 61+ Legendary Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystal, Forgotten Soul, Gold