I actually took the SSF feature farther than intended

So, Blizzard actually added the SSF to the game.

I’m going to admit it. I never thought they would, and would even post against having it. That said, I played SSF in my own way on the Euro realm, but not very often.

So, this season I did roll up a character for SSF. However I play with a stricter rule set:

  • No crafting of gear from the Blacksmith or Jeweler for your character. This includes the followers. Yes this includes the few sets and items that help builds.

  • No purchasing of any gear items from any vendors, other than Kadala.

  • No use of the Mystic at all. (no enchanting, transmogs, or coloring)

  • No re-forging of any gear items.

  • No converting of set items.

  • No converting of gems or materials.

  • No Challenge Cache.

  • You can Augment your items.

  • You can add a socket to a weapon if it doesn’t have one, but you can’t roll off a socket if it does.

  • You are not allowed to upgrade an item to Primal. (this was updated)

  • You can use the cube as described above and for the extraction and use of item powers.

  • You can upgrade your normal gems and legendary gems.

  • You may do only those things required for the seasonal journey, but any item used for that process must then be sold or salvaged.

The idea here is to find your gear in the world as drops, not craft it, buy it, or convert it. That is why this rule set is very strict.


I changed the rule about upgrading to Primals. That is now not permitted. I just decided that its more in line with the things I’m not doing, so changed my opinion. I haven’t reached that point, so no affect to me yet.


Well, good for you!
Sadly though, you can cheat, we’ll never know! :open_mouth:


Yes, someone could.

However I know I won’t. I have that level of self control doing this. Be that as it may.

I played a very similar ruleset on the Euro realm. But never played it very often, so not much time spent on it.

This just gives me a reason to grind it out.

To some extent, there are things I can’t cheat. For example, re-rolling stats. That is obvious if its done. And if wearing any items from the Blacksmith, that’s another. But consider it a challenge to try to stick to it. Even if one of you ultimately caved in.

whats this upgrading primals nonsense? SSF Honey Badger dont play that!

I’m telling you right now,

I have saved your profile and I will be WATCHING all season. And if I see one single crafted item equipped or a single property retooled, we gonna have PROBLEMS.

You made a statement and pretend you were gonna do all these big things and if you go against that there’s gonna be consequences.


The no mog or coloring one doesn’t make any sense since that’s not introducing any player power into the mix. In fact, using those features prevents visual issues from becoming a problem in the middle of a scrum.

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I’m flattered. You do that. :smiley:

I understand. That is just my thing. Not saying its a big one no, but I won’t be using her anyway so it matters little to me.

Well, if I’m allowing augments or sockets, its not a far step to allowing a primal upgrade isn’t it? But you can only upgrade it once, not re-upgrade it. If you want to make another one, you need to find another item to upgrade. So, not that big of a step, and you can only wear one of those anyway. It takes a lot to be at a point to wear primal in general anyway.

Though now that I think about it, I may not even use it. lol


Changed my mind. I will no longer be using the Primal upgrade recipe. It’s too much like crafting, re-rolling, re-forging, etc.

Can’t have game breaking red dyes used to make you attack and move faster, huh?

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You don’t want to re-upgrade the same Item to primal. Always use fresh ones so you get the 55 mats back from salvaging.


No, I just avoid the Mystic altogether. However you can adapt the rules however you want to you, if you have the strength to stick to them.

Yeah, I know. That is one of the reasons I changed my mind about it. For how I’m playing, Primal upgrade is not an option now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Game on.