How To Stop Bots In D2 LoD

Instead of spending your afternoons drinking beer and playing games, remove bots.

This company disgusts me.


Really? That’s your magical wand waving suggestion to solve the botting problem? Honestly, I came here expecting a more intelligent suggestion. :man_facepalming:

If it were only that simple of a fix.

I see you’re out of the loop. Maybe educate yourself on how this company spends it’s afternoons before making ignorant comments.


Well it can work in D2 if they just make a character log in they can ban mass enchant bots/cbaal bots instantly. These bots doing this are 3rd party sites as they also have advertising with chat spam above their heads.

Apart from that who really cares. Play the game for you, only time its an issue is Ladders etc, the competitive side which D3 has been plagued with since it started as with D2

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Why throw all the staff in your comment? It was from those high up who should know better and it happened years ago and I believe they were all sacked like years ago as well?

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You’re confusing one problem with another. And if the problem you’re talking about (which I am not) happened years ago, why the walkout today?

Your argument is no different than saying only the leaders that started WW2 are at fault.

Bots leave by dropping out which doesn’t show the account name. The account name is required to ban. Activision, and especially Blizzard, have very serious hacking problems, and have for decades, yet almost nothing gets done about it.

I anticipate that there will be very limited further action against bots in D2. If D2 were bot free then there would be even less potential value that D2R could offer.

I think the opposite. The current game online has lost a massive amount of diehard players to single player and illegal servers because of botting. The only people who’ve remained on bnet are a few players that don’t need nor use botters to supply gear and leveling, as well as, pvpers, hackers and jspers who need fg and bot generated gear to play the game. If Blizzard had hacking under control, more legits would be playing and more would have faith that a remaster will be protected from hackers.


Exactly this, I don’t think Activision realizes how much hackers and cheaters diminish the players experience to the point were people will quit playing or not even buy their games. I know getting rid of cheaters is impossible, but at least do a ban wave once a month.

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Every account has their SSN attached to it, and verified with state records to prove they are who they are. Should cut down on bot activity quite a bit. Everyone has 2 factor authentication required so they cant steal accounts to use someone else’s SSN as their own.
There problem solved as much as your ever going to.

And what about those of us not in the United States, huh? Think of that?

There is no simple solution to botting.

If there were, Blizzard would have done it already, and not just for D2/LOD but for all the other games they’ve made that are all infested with bots, and then every other game company would have picked up on their solution and implemented for all their games which are also just as infested with bots.

To suggest that such an issue has any sort of simple solution is just being naive.

I did think of that actually and it was kind of a joke. There are solutions actually just no one wants the hassle of doing it, and your imposing more things onto everyone.
Forced 2 factor with blizz authentication on phone would be a huge impediment to bots just starting there. The cost and difficulty of getting phone numbers is a big hurdle. Captchas per game and so on. It’s a layered approach like security, but who wants all these hoops to jump through? No one so it’s not practical