How to receive Prime Evil bonus on Xbox?

I pre-ordered the Prime Evil upgrade for D3 on Xbox a few weeks back, however I haven’t received any of the transmog, pet or wings as yet. I read that they became available with the release of season 24, does anyone know where/how I can get them? I don’t seem to be able to find that info anywhere!

Do you have a digital license for Diablo 3 or is it on disc?

You need to own the digital version of D3 on any console to qualify for the Prime Evil Upgrde.

If you own the disc you cannot get the upgrade given D2R is digital only.

I have D3 Ultimate Evil digitally, and upgraded to Prime Evil

On the xbox the transmog and pet/wings is dlc.
You need to download the dlc then there will be a book in your inventory for the transmog and you should automatically have the pet/wings.