How much CDR do you need?

I’m at about 43% right now and I’m just shy of being able to keep all my buffs up. I may have f’d up on my weapon slot with the re-roll but let me know what you think. Or if there is anything else i should change?

thanks guys/gals

As for the amount of CDR on gear, I can say the more the better. I have it on every slot 8% except for ammy (which is 7%), 65,97% sheet CDR. with Istvan blades that is Enough to drop Boon in favor of damage passive. When I drop CDR on just one weapon (-10%), my sheet CDR becomes around 62%, and with this amount I already begin struggling to keep perma-WOTB during GR, especially while moving between packs. 3% difference actually is a big deal.

BIS Rend gear includes CDR roll in every slot possible.

As for Your gear - reroll danmage on weapons to CDR. When dual-wielding, Damage on weapon is not the best roll, as most attacks alternate between weapons, thus +10% damage on one weapon becomes 5%, and it’s too expensive to waste 2 rolls to get just +10% damage.

If You reroll, You’ll get -10% damage, but will gain +20% CDR and 20% damage via DIBS (both affected by diminishing returns).

EDIT: I was assuming You run Wastes+Crimsons. Although that is not the case for now, my point about rerolling damage% on weapons to CDR still stands.

Keeping Your buffs tight will carry You much farther, then just 5% damage.

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i was starting with 66.36% cdr but i have droped 2x8% CDR for extra 40 % area dmg

now iam at 60% CDR even and 158 % Area dmg yet iam perma WOTB and Ignore pain

I’m not sure why everyone is saying so much CDR. I only have it on shoulders, flavor of time, and weapons and easily have enough to keep WOTB up 100%. I’m going to try dropping it from one slot too. Do you guys really need 50-60% to keep to WOTB?

CDR is a direct damage increase when running the Crimsons set

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what if youre not running crimsons though? i want to push for high GRs and wondering whats the best set up?

With the Crimson set, CDR and RCR provide both increased damage, and also reduced incoming damage, which is why it’s so popular.

Oh thank you. I just started and haven’t reached 1000 paragon to use Crimson. Now I understand!

No Problem, not sure you really need 1000 paragon to use it, it’s just a different playstyle.

Lot’s of people push still using just the straight 6pc Wastes set.

Each to their own.

This is answered in the guide: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

If you’re using the Crimson’s set, be aware that it will add 20% CDR to your total CDR.