How long till season starts (in hours)

Their season starts before the US season does.
Their season ends before the US season does.
They get exactly the same amount of hours in their season as you do in yours.

Why? So that it annoys the most customers possible?

ppl already quit their jobs to play it lol.

if you couldnt tell the asia thing is a joke.

Its so i can start right when the clock strikes 12 am .

Dang you, Sir Sandford Fleming!!

Hold up! Turns out ol’ Sandford is already dead…now what?

We raise his corpse for the necros.

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Season 20 still not active in US? its 3:40 PM Mountain Time and still nothing???

No. As the Season Announcement says - 5pm Pacific Time. It is currently 2:46pm Pacific.

Season 20 information on the front of the Diablo 3 website. It has the time information in it.

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I’m not sure if console leaderboards are split by region. Probably why they start at the same time.

Wish we didn’t get stuck with the US timezone.

Ahh alright i did not see that part thank you! i got over excited to get home and start playing…

No problem :slight_smile:

Now you have time to finish up and last minute things around the house and make up some tasty snacks!

I like to cook a big batch of something healthy that I can easily heat up when I do a long gaming weekend. Chili is a favorite for starting the Diablo weekend off right!




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I think he’s talking about the Corona beers…err virus panicking everyone and keeping everyone home lol.

5pm Pacific,6pm mountain,7pm central,8pm eastern…I have another hour and half grrrr lol

Man, I wish they didn’t show you how to upload images. It was bad enough before when you just talked about it, now I all I want is chili :sob:

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It is very very easy to make! I usually have it with shredded cheese, sour cream (or greek yogurt), and fresh cilantro.

Basic ingredients are super easy to find.

3 cans of beans
Red peppers/Green peppers
Can of corn optional
Two cans of tomato sauce
1 can diced tomatoes
Several fresh or canned chilies
Cumin powder
Chili Powder

Brown meat, sautee onions and peppers until they soften up a small bit. All all of it to a pot and simmer with spices until you are happy with it.

All of that is kind of rough…it does not have to be perfect and you can use whatever you have handy. Also freezes well.

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I can tell you don’t live in TX - beans in chili there is listed as a Class A felony.

Nope! I have been told that TX and parts of the Southwest have a very different type of chili and that it is fantastic. ti makes for fun debates with my southern friends. I happen to really really like beans though! I find it fun to use like 4 kinds when I make chili.

I figure people can simply make what they like.

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Of course. I like beans in my chili, also. However, I was stuck in TX for 25 years and beans in chili was just an utter no-no. Totally taboo.

I don’t miss The Lone Star state…


What is the variety of chilies from the pictures?

Good question. Plant I bought at Home Depot. I just went out and got the tag. The tag says “CHILI RED Hot Pepper”. So pretty generic?

They were very casual middle of the road peppers! Great for drying and making chili flakes. Also good chopped fresh. Not too hot up front but had a nice building heat as you ate the chili.

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I’m gonna guess those are Serranos. Hotter than a Jalapeno, but not blow the top of your head off like a Carolina Reaper or a Habanero.

Fun story - I tried eating a Ghost Chili one time. It felt like licking the sun.

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People don’t have to play the moment it’s up you know?