How long till season starts (in hours)

time differs from country to country, how long till season 20 is active (in hours/min)

Look at the countdown timers on…

For PC, at time of posting…
Asia - 9 hours 20 minutes
EU - 17 hours 20 minutes
US - 25 hours 20 minutes

For consoles, they go live at the same time as US, for all consoles, worldwide.


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Good post.


I had a good laugh at this.

WTF NA gets it last? Dumb.

Take it up with whoever invented timezones.


They could just release it at the same time for everyone…a timezone has nothing to do with it

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If you’re capable of using common sense, a timezone has EVERYTHING to do with it. They aim to start season on Friday evenings so that people have the entire weekend to get it going.


They could just release at a single time, it should be 0000 UTC 3/13/2020.

Why should folks in other time zones have to get up at some odd hour during sleep or work for season start? The idea is to start everyone on PC off at the same time for their region (relatively).

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Considering the state of the world right now it would be great if Blizz opted to start this season earlier for each time zone then. Blizz is just missing out on a great opportunity imo.

Given the state of the world right now, stability is good! Blizzard will follow comfy routine, as will PoE. Gamers can depend on having new content tomorrow.

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When everyone is forced to be home in many countries and in the US many are working from home already it is a lost opportunity. You are clearly just saying what you have to and that’s cool, but Blizzard is losing people every minute to another game.

So people on consoles have no weekends then?

OK, that makes sense.

Awesome… was hoping to get on at 6am cause I work nights and will be sleeping later. Why no love for people who are up during the morning? Silly.

Because those people are a tiny percentage of the population and Blizzard release the season at a time that’s convenient for the vast majority of their players.

I believe it just started in Asia. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

If that counter is correct then season will start at 16.00 hours in my timezone (EUR), that is one hour earlier than every other season in the past, as I recall. I’m good with that.

Seasons always start at 17:00 in the time zone that the servers are hosted in. For the EU servers, that means 17:00 CET (Central European Time).

When Europe is observing daylight savings time the start and end times will be 17:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) instead, but it’s always 17:00 local to where the servers are.

The EU season only starts at 16:00 (local) if you’re in the UK which is in GMT, because 16:00 GMT = 17:00 CET.

almost 10 hrs for NA yep.

9 am here Eastern.

Asia clearly favored.

It should start at midnight imo.

This season is prob gonna be one of the few I do, hoping for good conquests.