How is this fun, Blizzard?

I know what you said, it’s again your fault. You’re playing a multiplayer game in single player and complaining about it. It’s like saying you can’t beat a raid in WoW by yourself so they need to make it easier for you. At this point, you’re here to troll. If you were here around release, you’d kill to be in a good party. They’ve made the game super easy and you’re still here complaining instead of trying to find a way to resolve your issue.

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It’s not my fault at all. the game allows you to play single player and even has a single player leaderboard.

go shill somewhere else

Oh, I didn’t know there was an achievement for Solo Ethereal Recollection.

OP, all I can say is keep farming for them. This is coming from someone else who plays solo (on console just as I did the last few seasons). If you’re still willing, then just try to hang in there, season is still going for about another week (at the minimum).

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i’m gonna keep farming simply cuz of sunk cost fallacy. the rest shouldn’t be too hard, still need monk, barb and dh but I have a monk/barb I plan to play with normally anyway, so i only have dh left to collect the annoying way

15mins x 24 rings = 360 minutes (6 hours)
15mins x 30 rings = 450 minutes (7.5 hours)

Neither of the above is equal to or below 2 hours.

Under 2 hours is very lucky with drops. Yes it is unreasonable. You have to farm and find stuff for 6 other classes that you don’t like just to keep the stuff you found for the 1 class you do like. Its a time investment into something you don’t like/have no interest in, just to get something you like.

Imagine your parents told you, you can keep and ride your brand new 12-speed mountain bike, that you got for your birthday, after you ride:

  • your older brother’s 10+ year old bike with the yellow banana seat
  • your little sister’s pink glitter Barbie scooter
  • your dad’s 20+ year old partially rusted unicycle
  • and your baby brother’s Bat Man big wheel
    …and you have to ride each of the above for at least 1 hour in public with or without your friends.

Nevermind that you are 15-19 years old and your baby brother is 4-5 years old so there is no way to ride his big wheel without destroying it. The above proposition is unreasonable and so is the S-24 achievement structure. Its only 4 hours of time, in the above scenario, but you get to keep the mountain bike for the rest of your life. It is still unreasonable. As I stated in my thread, the achievement structure is tolerable, but not enjoyable. Its tolerable for this season but that doesn’t mean it is tolerable going forward.

Its perfectly fine for the OP to express his dislike. I’m expecting someone to post a more efficient path to the completion, and I’m going to maintain that it is unreasonable.

It’s just a lousy transmog. Not really that game breaking. It’s optional content.

Opt out if it doesn’t fit your playstyle.

No one has argued that he can’t dislike it. What has been argued is his factually erroneous statements about the time investment needed to get it done.

Your entire scenario there is wrong though. In your scenario it’s “you have this thing but you can’t use it until you do X” when it should be “you’ll get this thing if you do X”, which is not unreasonable at all, you when getting such a proposal either do the thing and get the reward or you deem the reward not fitting the work and you decline.

It’s entirely optional after all.

Did you bother to critique Meteorblade or did you breeze right passed that?

Nice try but my scenario was on point. It is to show how unreasonable it is. The point was you get to keep the mountain bike for life, but you have to do X to keep it, which is exactly the structure of the achievement. You have to unlock all 21 to keep and use the few you are interested in beyond season 24, or if you don’t unlock all 21 you keep nothing.

Do better. Optional doesn’t mean its fun. You and many others may not care, but there are others who do care. Some only play this game for the fun aspect of it which may not include leaderboard or achievement chasing. You take away the fun and the game isn’t worth installing.

Lastly, did you ever address the question posed in the title of the thread?

For what exactly? He gave solid advice.

No actually it wasn’t, as I already explained.

I never said it was, but it’s optional. If you dislike it more than you like the reward, don’t do it.

Adress what exactly? An entirely subjective opinion? How exactly should I adress that? I can of course disagree since I enjoyed it, but arguing over a subjective standpoint is not constructive in the least.

I followed Filthy Casuals “Solo Casual Find All Ethereal Items ASAP and unlock the transmog Season 24 Diablo 3” Youtube vid and had them all in under three hours, 100% solo, and I’m as casual as it gets. If you haven’t found them all yet then this is super quick and easy. Get puzzle rings on low level character (WD @ 31 is recommended but almost anything will work) with shards from your main, start new character for ethereals you need, run the vault on normal, it’s an ethereal (often two) almost every time up to level 12 or so. Don’t kill anything on the way to Greed, maximize your time at below 12 - Illusory Boots in cube work a treat.

I mind having to

You literally don’t have to do it. It’s an optional achievement which unlocks optional transmogs. They have no impact on game experience, they don’t improve the power of your characters, they do literally nothing except alter the cosmetic visibility of weapons. The ethereals weren’t designed around how convenient it would be to collect all 21 of them for an achievement, as they shouldn’t be. They were designed around the fun aspect of actually playing with them, with an added bonus for those who choose to collect all of them. The moment Blizzard starts balancing seasonal themes around how quickly a casual player can collect all of them, is the moment they utterly fail in the core design philosophy. You are not entitled to anything you don’t earn, whether that be in life or in video games. You wouldn’t complain about a co-worker earning a higher salary than you if they choose to spend an extra two hours per day at work because they have the free time to do so, but you can’t because you have a family, would you? You choose to spend your time in a way where you have less time for video games, and as such you deserve fewer rewards than those who decide to spend their time in a way where they have more time for video games. It’s quite simple logic really.

Under 2 hours when its clearly more than 2 hours as I explained. Being very lucky with drops cannot be relied upon. I did the achievement twice and both times required more than 20 rings. Clearly, that simple nuance evaded you. You originally spoke about…

However, you didn’t critique Meteorblade’s statement about time investment.

When you already have 1-2 transmogs that you are interested in then you have something. You can’t keep it beyond s-24 unless you unlock all 21 transmogs, thus my scenario is on point.

Thank you for stating the obvious. No one questioned whether it was optional or not. It was also, optional for you to omit stating the obvious since it does not contribute to the discussion.

You can explain how it is fun. Did you really need me to state the obvious, captain?

Two instances is not really a good basis to tell what the average is though. I did it in 23 rings, which is about 2 hours of rifting. Now sure, mileage will vary, but two hours is a hell of a lot better measuring stick than “countless hours” or “a hundred years” which the OP claimed. Especially since in theory you could do it in 11 rings. Now granted the amount of RNG needed to go your way for that to happen makes that extremely unlikely.

Because he’s not wrong?

You have no idea how the world works huh? Me explaining how I find something subjectively fun has no bearing whatsoever on your subjective opinion, if that was the case you clearly would have changed your opinion months ago when you made an identical thread.

Grats on finding your pacifier. You whining about some colossal time sink that doesnt exist is laughable. I got the achievement 3 times solo, once on all three Regions. I did it on NA shortly after the season started. Came back last month and finished the other two regions since it was so easy. I play very casually, with about the same NonSeasonal Paragons as you and less Seasonal Paragons and here was how much time it took:

NA - 28 hours, 47 minutes, 596 Paragons.
EU - 29 hours, 36 minutes, 675 Paragons.
Asia - 22 hours, 57 minutes, 662 Paragons.

I used 30-35 puzzle rings on each region.

All that sniveling for something that took much less time than a “Second Job” would take. And thats over 5 months. You really couldnt invest 22-29 hours in 5 months?

Meteor gives good advice on how to efficiently approach the achievement. However, he is offering best case scenarios in his explanation which does not fit reality where there will be losing streaks in both the shard gambling and drops from the vault. Only the very lucky on both ends will push the sub 2 hour mark. You critique the OP for his exaggerated time investment but you don’t critique Meteor’s best case scenarios. The simplest critique is to state the obvious that there are best case scenarios as part of Meteor’s explanation, captain. In this case, stating the obvious would contribute to the conversation.

3 minutes x 4 GRs = 12 minutes
(this accounts for opening/closing GRs, repairs, leaving/starting games)

A quick hop on a level 31 to spam shards for rings = 1 to 2 mins

Adding together the 12 minutes and another 1 to 2 mins = 13 to 14 minutes. If there are any delays, lag, additional inventory management, we can add about a minute. If we round up to 15 minutes it should cover it.

If a main character can’t do GR 90 in 3 minutes then more work is needed on the main character.

1100 to 1500 shards per trip on the level 31. An average of 2 out of every 4 trips yields puzzle rings. On successful trips expect to get 1-2 puzzle rings. Lucky would be 3 or more puzzle rings.

If every gambling trip were successful and only 1 ring was acquired then:

  • 15 minutes x 20 trips = 300 minutes
  • 15 minutes x 24 trips = 360 minutes
  • 15 minutes x 30 trips (my own personal estimate) = 450 minutes

I haven’t gotten to the vault runs yet.

How about if we use Meteor’s 10 minute time value?

  • 10 minutes x 20 rings = 200 minutes
  • 10 minutes x 24 rings = 240 minutes
  • 10 minutes x 30 rings = 300 minutes

2 hours = 120 minutes
sub 2 hours = less than 120 minutes

Captain, obviously 200 is greater than 120. So, one would have to be very lucky to get to the sub 2 hour mark. Very lucky would be getting 2 rings and every gambling trip was successful. This would be a 10 minutes x 10 trips for 20 rings scenario. One then has to get all the Ether weapons without duplicates, and potentially get lucky Ether drops for other classes while farming on the main character. He isn’t wrong but the best case scenarios don’t fit reality for most of player base thus he isn’t totally right either.

Why are people stuck on this puzzle ring crap? You literally do not need a single one.

Only if you’re stupid enough to start the seson, a couple of days before it’s end. :joy:

If people are still trying to get the transmogs, they have an opportunity still. People like Wudijo for instance is running for the transmogs for people.

The problem with your math is you’re including the time to do the GR’s as if they were exclusively for the purpose of farming shards for rings. They’re not. The shards are a natural consequence of playing the game not extra time or effort you needed to expend. It’s like claiming the time you spend wearing clean clothes as part of doing laundry.

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