How is there not a post on this already.. Infinite Allies

I swear to God if the d3 team sees Inna’s at the top of the leaderboards and the send it through as is itll quickly be the worst set after they fix the way the people are abusing the set…

Basically what they are doing is breaking their armor except for Crudest boots so their MA’s can die but they re-appear as 2 if 1 dies and you can keep doing this until you have a ton of them making you invulnerable and get massive damage boosts from the Inna’s 6p now – They go into GR with broken gear, leave clone process for 3-6 minutes or whatever then repair and go back into GR and are able to clear 147~

The set otherwise would be capable of mid 120s if really perfected it is fairly trash and honestly gets rid of the coolest things about Inna’s like both globes automatically filling with MA activation

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Isn’t the point of a PTR to catch these types of things? Clearly, this is a bug that Blizzard did not know about prior to PTR release.

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But seems some People think its only for them to find the best Build before everyone else does, instead to squesh the bugs before it goes live.

So, let’s hope for a mid-PTR patch, and some leaderboard resets…

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Isnt that the point of the PTR bug report to let them know about the bugs…

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Its good that this was found, but i also hope that this bug, dont take the focus away from all the other issues with allys AI, dmg bonus, survivarbility… etc…

Hope fullt they can fix all of it.

Would be fun to have a balanced and competativ set to play around with exept TR and WOL