How do you reset an enchant?

Is there a way to reset an item after you enchanted it? I’m running a firebird build. A primal firebird’s eye dropped for me but I dropped APoC for 10% crit not realizing that I needed APoC and could of dropped 1000 vit for the 10% crit based on guides.

I didn’t notice this mistake until I started having resource problems with disintegrate on higher Grifts.

You change APoC for vit?

Or another primary?

If it’s another primary, you can’t “reset” an enchant.

Except if you reroll it via the cube and hope to obtain a primal :confused:

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I changed ApoC for crit and still have the vitality. I wanted to have both APoC and 10% crit and not vitality which is impossible after I enchanted. I don’t want to throw away the item since it’s a primal ancient and a rare find.

2 solutions:

  • Crit -> APoC
  • Find a new ancient/primal
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Yea I have crit now. I just have to use hergbrash binding instead of mantle of channeling in the cube and lose out on 25% damage and dmg reduction until I get another ancient/primal like you said. Thanks.

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