How do you play the rage flip version of WW?

title. I would like some advice. I can’t really figure it out. Feels a bit slow and awkward.


:point_up_2: This.

Read the guide, and search if necessary. Pretty sure it’s been discussed in there a few times. And ask away in the guide thread. Lots of good info, and people to help you out.

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sorry. I should have checked the pins.

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Best way to learn is to play zbarb. I started with rat runs back in the day for which spear was not needed. Then when those runs died off I progressed into mid speeds as a zbarb were spear is generally needed. After awhile a was doing 140s easy and lately 150s are fairly easy. Learning a zbarb is very important for solo ww play as you learn how mobs react on certain maps/mob types/and overall what makes things easy.

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While you’re at it, if you mean this hero…
You don’t have a rune on Wrath of the Berserker, change it to use Insanity.
Bracers, re-roll the Life Per Hit to 20% Physical.

I have morticks. Why would not having a rune matter?

For the times when you’re speed-farming and swap in Nemesis maybe…