How do those 8k to 10k paragon players levelling?

Does anyone here have any idea on which GR level that those 8k~10k paragon players are running to level their paragon level?

Solo: which GR level?
Group: which GR level?

Group: 120-130 speed or 150s. Rat runs all day long.

No solo. Only for GR keys.

they also play a lot with their best friend Roberbot


Alot of high paragon players do, that’s where the hate comes in.

But 150s is the best way to gain xp, 5-10min clear max (even in early season)

Lets be real here.

All of those 8k+ people are botters. There may be a few that are zombies and addicted to d3 but they mostly just use bots to farm 24/7.

And blizzard will do nothing about it, especially for non season bottors. For seasonal bottors however, they might ban a couple people on top of the leaderboards but thats about it.


This ^^^

This ^^^

They’re all bloody cheaters.

Blizzard’s incompetence at dealing with cheaters is blatantly obvious.


“Working as intended”

I am not asking whether they are botters or not. Even if they are botters, they still need to find a perfect GR level spot for efficient levelling.

Which GR level that they are grinding at is what I am interested the most.

The level where they are speed clearing, and that’s somewhere between 4-8 minutes on the average. That level could be in the 120s, or upper 140s. Depending on the gearing and skills of the 4 players.

But yeah, those will gain Paragon pretty quickly as evident with the results.

When I solo grind, I will run back to back GRs where I’m clearing them consistently in 4-5 minutes tops. If I’m averaging less than 4, I go up in level till I find that spot where its back to that point.

If I want to push, that’s different. But for XP grinding, that’s what I do. At that point, you get more closure XP per hour when you can speed run vs running say 10 minute per GR. Not to mention the difference in levels between that sweet spot and a higher capable GR (that you can consistently clear in time) is really not that far. Maybe 5 to 8 levels?


with a 9k witch doctor and a znec 130-135 speed are all day farm. thats 3-5 minutes never higher. some bot, some don’t. Top meta groups are clearing 150s no slower then 10 minutes with most runs under 8 minutes. we are talking 5-6trill an hour.


I’ve played with a lot of 8k+ players. On EU, every single one of them just do 150s 4p and 110-115 solo during the night (if they “play” during the night). I’ve seen a couple doing rat runs for an evening, at best. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone looking for 130-140 WD speeds.
Now, 8k isn’t actually bot-tier anymore, you can be 8k without botting. 9k-10k is where legit players are starting to die out.

Now, as I said, this is just on EU, and I don’t know everybody on EU, only like 20ish of the 10k+ paragon guys, but I’d say it’s fairly representative.

I don’t know for NA/Asia though.


I happen to run with a 9k WD but have different people every time in 130s. we average 3-5 minutes. Imagine one of the many 10-12k WDs running a set group with a 10k sader. now you are talking 140 speeds. I know for a fact our top paragon players run 150s in 6-8 minutes consistently. I know EU/china is more competitive too.

The most dedicated players in my friend list seem to run a lot of GR 144 in teams.

I dont even have to view your profile but im guessing its sub 3k. Just because you dont know how to efficently get XP dont assume that others cant. As stated these players pull 5-7trillion xp/hr doing speed 150s. Yes that speed 150s

Sick and tired of whiney players who just cannot comprehend how players can level fast and use every excuse to justify why they are so inept at playing D3. Yes there are botters but you can still achieve 6-8k very quickly now without botting thanks to power creep.



He is actually sub 1500 but was gonna respond with almost the same comment. What you said works for me.

Usually that’s a bad thing to judge on. However, this entire thread’s about people with 8K to 10K paragon and asking how they do it so it’s more likely that higher paragon people might know the answer.

That’s exactly what you are doing


Pay attention, boys and girls: this ^ is the internet equivalent of shooting yourself on the foot.