How can I improve my DPS? [WW/Rend Built]

seems like i have hit the plateau for increasing my Damage higher other than keep on farming the paragons points. I’m at 1.853 M dmg and having a difficult time clearing GR115, survival isn’t an issue but rather can’t kill fast enough. The items that could increase my Damage significantly is a very good roll on a FoT amulet but i’m not having too much luck on that.

Any suggestion on which item I should try to re-roll or replace to push my Damage higher?

Initial reaction is going to be to link this…

…and predict that the most likely advice you’ll receive is to ditch the Captain Crimson variant, and go back to the 6-piece core build, as this will let you drop the RoRG in the Cube, putting ORotZ into the Cube, and equipping a CoE, which can have much more useful affixes. You’ll also be wearing Lamentation, so the armour slot in the Cube can be Mantle of Channelling for an extra 25% damage and mitigation.

I also presume we caught the Barb in your speed-farming gear / abilities, as you have Furious Charge, Ignore Pain, and you’ve runed Battle Rage with Ferocity. The guide specifies the abilities / runes you want for pushing, and also the passives.

One other thing to be aware of, if you’re not already, is that Rends that are automatically applied by Ambo’s Pride do not benefit from Area Damage, but manually cast Rends do. So, are you manually casting Rends when the Barb’s in density, preferably whilst in an Oculus circle from your follower and (once you’ve gone back to core / coe) during your Physical cycle?

As MB pointed out you for sure need to switch to the core build. That is #1 priority. Your defense will hold you back a lot more then your offense “IF” yes big “IF” you are pulling mobs and fishing for proper map/trash combos. Your spearing and stomp abilities are the entire build. Once you hit the required CDR to keep wrath up 100% put points in paragon vit until you have 1 million health then go pull mobs until it hurts. There are even a few videos of what I mean by pull mobs if you need to visualize it. 10 mobs will not cut it. Shoot for 50+ at a minimum and you will likely only see this kinda density on 3-4 maps. So put key in and judge the rift. Not one of the 4 maps you need instantly RIP and leave.make new game. Then when you understand that you can progress into pulling 6-7 elites for conduit kills.

try chg a few skill :smiley:

  • boon of bul katos -> berseker rage (since u a using capt set u will be ok)
  • rampage -> ruthless
    (berseker rage and ruthles usually a must pasive for rend barb)
    -furiis c -> stomp (wrencxhing to gather mob)
    once u pull mob after stomping manualy cast rend to proc AD
  • battle rage ,ferocity -> marauder r/intothe fray/bloodsheed
  • rend blood abth ->lacerate
    if enemy cant kill fast enough, try lacerate